Monday, 18 November 2013


Exercise at least 30 minutes a daily. Brisk walking is good .If you think you are unable to exercise, just begin walking as far as is comfortable. Do this daily and watch how your capacity to walk will increase. Out door labor in any useful activity is an excellent source of exercise
exercise is very important even I you are sick even though at this time it is important to rest make sure you do a little walking and breathing exercise daily. If you are unable to exercise use a trampoline. If you are bed-ridden , massage can help as it is a passive exercise and there are many massaging equipment and products that one can buy. A whole range of motion exercises are beneficial.below are links to some good exercise material.
In health, exercise will more adequately help the body to cope with dietary abuses and other debilitating factors of a bad lifestyle. The worse the diet, the more important it is to exercise although it should be realized that only partial protection can be in planning your day , always create time for you routine exercise.BUT NEVER FORGET GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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