Sunday, 24 November 2013


Contrary to popular belief thirst is not a good indicator of dehydration ,By the time you are thirsty, it means that your body has already lost 3% of its water. If your urine is a strong yellow color, you are drinking very little water. Ideally your urine should be as light as possible almost colorless.Regular intake of water throughout the day is important because when a large amount of water is ingested it is practically completely eliminated by the kidneys in a few hours ,that is why to meet your daily ration of water intake a lot of water all at once is not the solution, drinking one glass of water every waking hour or so through out the day is best.For the women,about 2.2liters of water is recommended(i.e about 9 cups of water) while the male should have about 3 liters of water which is about 13 cups of water a day. When you are tired just drinking a lot of plain cold water will help revitalize you  during sluggish periods of the day. You will need to drink even more than that  if you sweat much or if the weather is hot.This will increase your endurance .ALWAYS CARRY YOUR WATER SUPPLY WITH YOU.Upon rising to jump start your day on the right tract make it a habit to drink 2 to four glasses of warm lemon water. For each glass squeeze the juice of half a lemon.Lemon water is alkalizing and detoxifying.
This is one of my favorite health habits hope it becomes yours too.BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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