Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Did you know that the way you stand or sit can affect your breathing. and the level of oxygen in your blood The lungs can expand properly only when a person sits and stands straight. Because otherwise the sacs in the lungs that take in air are compressed if lungs do not get enough air, the blood does not get enough oxygen in turn every thing does not function as efficiently as it should. Practice how to sit and stand straight-Head high back straight. Most people have very shallow breathing which means the lower portion of the lungs are filled with stale air. It is very important to do deep breathing exercises daily(three times a day is best)Be sure to do this in the morning before breakfast. Below are practical steps

Step 1

Close your mouth. Start breathing through your nose.Take a deep breathe to full expansion, hold then exhale slowly and completely and hold that. Repeat this say 20 times this increases oxygen in the blood and helps the circulation and gets toxins out of the system All of the mechanisms that ensure a proper balance between the intake of oxygen and expulsion of carbon dioxide are in your nose. Mouth breathing creates a different type of breathing pattern that upsets this balance by decreasing oxygen intake and releasing carbon dioxide too quickly, while nose breathing promotes a deeper, slower breathing pattern that increases oxygen intake.
Practice proper breathing. Do this until it becomes a habit. When you are breathing properly, you are breathing through your nose and your chest and abdomen are moving in unison. If only your chest is moving, you are breathing too shallow and oxygen is not reaching the lower part of your lungs.In my next posting I will talk about practical ways of getting enough air.BUT REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT

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