Sunday, 10 November 2013


All of the sunlight's vitamin D health -effects are not yet known but it is clear that the vitamin is a "blockbuster "nutrient capable of many things
1. Strengthens the immune system. Exposure to sunlight increases the number of the immune systems  white blood cells in the body . moreover sunlight increases the number of lymphocytes, which are the most powerful germ killers of white blood cells.

2.Strenthens and steadies the heart
3,Elevates the mood.
4.Improves mental function. One study revealed that after exposing participants to 20minutes of bright white light in the morning ,they become more alert. The brain images showed that regions of the brain involved with alertness and some cognitive processes become more active.
5. Increases muscle tone which in turn burns up more calories.
Aids in calcium assimilation and strengthens bones and teeth. Dentist have observed that people living in cloudy areas where there is not much sun have worst dental decay than those who live in the tropics where the sun beats down on them many hours of the day
6.Increases the  volume of oxygen in the increasing the capacity of the blood to carry more oxygen to the body tissues. Bronchial asthmatics, who can hardly breathe are able to inhale freely  after a sunbath.
7,Balances hormones .Sunlight reaches the pineal gland through the eyes and affects the pituitary, which controls the hormone production of the other endocrine glands in a beneficial way
8.It destroys germs on the skin by changing the natural body oil on the skin into bactericidal agents.
On my next posting I will discourse how to enjoy the benefits of sunlight without the risk of skin cancer.BUT REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A HABIT NOT AN EVENT

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