Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Water is an elixir of life. Water drinking is my favorite hobby.In fact I have a friend that calls me a camel because I go every where with my bottle of water.
Toxic waste builds up in the body when we do not have enough water .the body of a newborn infant contains more than 80%water .The amount of water in the tissues lessens with advancing age. More than 60% of our body is made up of water.
 Humans have lived 81 days without food but they will die in 5 days without water. If you lose just 5% of the total amount of water in your body, you will start to hallucinate become disoriented and experience twitching muscles.
 If you lose 15% of your total water ,you life is endangered.
 Lose greater than 15% of body fluids may result in death. Yet the body has no water storage system to depend on in times of emergency
 The parts of the body that suffer most from dehydration are those without vascular circulation such as the joint cartilages in fingers knees and vertebrae. Most times chronic pain is often an indication of chronic dehydration. Water drinking is such a simple act neglected by many people possibly because of ignorance of its great importance,.In my next posting , I will talk about several body indications of dehydration.BUT NEVER FORGET THAT GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTIOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT ,

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