Sunday, 3 November 2013

spiritual knowledge,the begining of health

When we know the cause of a problem ,then the solution has started.
to heal and leave in health, we first need to know.
medicine upholds that we are victims attached by bad organisms. But the father of germ theory ,Pasteur began to understand the true relationship of germ to disease late in his life when he stated '' The germ is nothing, the soil (the condition of the body )is everything "meaning that a germ can only thrive in a suitable environment.
God has written physical laws with his own hands upon every nerve ,every muscle and every organ which has been entrusted to man .Every "thou shalt not" whether in physical or moral law contains or implies a promise. Transgression of physical laws is the transgression of Gods law. Disease results from the transgression of physical laws. The creator and manufacturer of our bodies has arranged everything in our bodies and has pledged himself to keep the machinery in order if we cooperate with him and refuse to work contrary to the laws which govern the human system
When we realize that disease is the transgression of Gods physical laws most times out of ignorance, by removing this cause, we have found the cure.
so what should we do first when we fall sick. I will discourse that in my next posting.

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