Saturday, 9 November 2013


If a doctor  you had a high regard for told you that to get better you only needed to take 10 different medications each day and then he decided to give them to you for free .
would you accept it?
I can bet that you would.
Today the greatest physician in the universe is offering you his remedies ,will you accept his offer?
God most often uses simplest means to accomplish great results. His ways is superior to orthodox medication because his remedies heal the root of the problem not just the symptoms and they work for all  and there side effects are desirable( more energy, greater endurance, sharper memory, clearer thinking ,deeper sleep, younger looking skin and loss of excess weight)
The very first natures gift to perfect health I want to talk about is" OUR FREEST VITAMIN SUPPLY",SUNLIGHT.
have you ever stopped to think how life can exist without sunlight? Not a leaf or plant will grow or a flower bloom
man was created largely to live outdoors where the body can receive abundant sunshine. A miracle factory is at work just beneath your skin. As sunshine strikes tiny oil glands (sterols)just beneath the skin, substances  within them(egosterols)are irradiated and transformed into vitamin D
Vitamin D is unique in that it is the only vitamin that humans produce intrinsically after exposure to ultraviolet -B light from the sun, and it influences the entire body because receptors that respond to this vitamin has been found in every human cell,.from the brain to the bones.
The health benefits of this vitamin is numerous but I will discause the most important ones in my next blog.REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH I A CONTINOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT

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