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Zinc metal is an element that is not as popular or should I say not as well known as vitamins D, C OR E or calcium ,magnesium etc. Not many people are aware that a little deficiency of this element in the body can cause a huge defect in our health.Many scientist are of the opinion that Zinc is such an important element needed in the body that even a small deficiency is a disaster probable because it is found in most tissues of the body  and is directly involved in cell division.Zinc while being a powerful antioxidant is also involved in proper endocrine function.
Due to ts involvement in the male and female hormone regulation, zinc element plays  a very important role in male and female fertility.For the women,zinc is involved in the growth process of the eggs and adequate concentrations of zinc allows women to use estrogen and progesterone  properly.these hormones are very important in supporting proper female reproductive health and fertility
For the male reproductive health and fertility,zinc plays a critical roe in maintaining testosterone levels.Since the cells in the male prostrate requires high levels of zinc to work optimally, any reduction in levels of zinc in the male can cause impaired testosterone production which could lead to infertility , prostrate cancer. and low libido.
People know zinc as an immune booster this is because it is directly involved in the T cell function.T cells are cells that boost immune function whenever there is any external viral or bacterial attack on the body.Simple ensuring adequate concentrations of zinc in the body can help to prevent a lot of the common cancers like breast, colon and prostrate cancers.
Zinc also plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health  by maintaining the proper functioning of the epithelial cells and the cardiovascular cells
The hormone insulin which is a vital hormone for glucose regulation  is also dependent on zinc to function properly since it needs to bind to zinc for proper storage in the pancreas and also quick release into the blood stream when glucose is released into the blood stream
Zinc has also been shown to be beneficial in reducing duration and severity of the common cold in healthy individuals when taken within 24 hours of onset of symptoms.
There are so many other benefits of taking zinc supplements but that does not mean that you should start popping zinc tablets any how you like. that is because there is an upper limit to dietary zinc .tolerable upper limits for zinc is 40 mg for males and females over 18 years .Best source of zinc is to frequently eat food rich in zinc and they include oysters, roasted beef, crab,baked beans,lobster,dark chocolate ,lamb and peanuts.In this era of various health disorders, preventive health is the best way to go.So when next you are doing your menu, remember to slot in diets that are rich in zinc.REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.
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Saturday, 6 December 2014


Lets face it majority of women have this problem and many have learned to bare it and take it as one of the discomforts of every day life. usually, intestinal gas is harmless but most times it can make you fell so uncomfortable in more ways than one.I was a victim of this ailment for sometime until I resolved not to remain complacent about it anymore and search for natural ways to deal with it Because there are so many possible causes there are also many ways to treat it with simple natural remedies.and it is with greatest delight that I want to share what has worked for me and also hope it works for all you women out there.
Lets begin with preventive measures because I discovered that there are little things one can do to prevent the bloating.
1.Always allow your previous meals to digest completely before the next meal that means allowing at least 3 hours between meals.and then always eat only when you are hungry.and try not to eat fruits after a meal they do not go well together
2.Try not to drink any cold water or any other cold drinks while eating.or immediately after is better to wait for at least an hour after food to drink water.this is because any kind of fluid at this time dilutes the digestive juices making it harder for food ingested to be easily digested.
Try not to use straws for your drink When you sip through a straw, you're sucking in air along with your drink. The air collects in your stomach and leads to bloating. If you tend to use a straw every time you have a drink, try switching it up and going without. You may find that you're less bloated when you don't use one.
Stop chewing gum. When we chew gum we tend to open our mouths and swallow air between bites. Sometimes bloating can be eliminated by simply stopping one's chewing gum habit. Popping a piece of gum after every meal may be a bigger problem than the salt and starches you ingested!
If for any reason you were not able to prevent the bloating and it occurs there are still some natural remedies  to  try and these include doing about 5 minutes of deep abdominal breathing and also try breathing in deeply while laying on your left side.
You could also lie flat on your back  while rubbing your stomach with a circular motion for about 15 minutes or until the gas passes out
Drinking a lot of water also helps and also taking magnesium supplements also helps considerable in reducing bloating because it is  known to reduce fluid retention.
.Eating of foods like yogurt ,contain probiotics, microorganisms that create a healthy environment in the gut and reduce painful gas and bloating. Eating a serving size of yogurt every day is a good way to fend out bouts of gas and reduce bloating once it starts.also daily intake of Potassium containing foods like banana, mangoes and spinach should become a routine thing for you
  Drink some peppermint tea
Peppermint is great for soothing churning stomachs and easing gas pains. Its essential oil contains menthol, which has an antispasmodic effect of the smooth muscle of the digestive track. It also soothes nerves, and therefore can soothe stomachs that really feel the effect of nervousness and stress. Drink a cup after dinner to help keep things moving slowly
You will need…
-1 bag of herbal peppermint tea
-1 cup or so of freshly boiled water
Taking Ginger tea is also a good remedy for a bloated stomach  It is capable of performing its wonders because of several different chemical components it possesses. Two chemicals-gingerols and shgaols- relax the intestinal track and ease any inflammation, while the root in its entirety act as a carminative-that is it prevents the formation of excess gas, or helps expel it.
You will need…
- 1 fresh ginger root
-A grater (optional)
-1 cup of boiling water, if
-Lemon and honey (optional)
There are several ways to make ginger root tea but for gas,. Get a medium sized piece of raw ginger root that looks nice and fresh. Scrub it clean, much like a potato, under warm water. Slice 4-6 thin quarter sized pieces and place them in a large mug. Add a touch of honey or lemon if you like, and then pour very hot water over the slices. Don’t let it boil-turn off the kettle just before or immediately afterwards. Cover and steep for 10 minutes before enjoying. Drink a cup before or after a meal to help with digestion.
 Drink chamomile tea
If peppermint doesn't suit your fancy, or doesn't seem to work for you, chamomile is a good route to go. In Germany, a place where herbal treatments are used more frequently than in the west, they call chamomile alles zutraut which translates to “capable of anything,” because it is so useful. Antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and just plain relaxing, chamomile can help with gas due to indigestion as well as heartburn, whereas peppermint is better for gas caused solely by indigestion.
You will need…
-1 bag of chamomile tea
-1 cup or so of freshly boiled water
-honey or lemon juice (optional)
Boil approximately 1 cup of water and pour over tea bag. Cover the mug, and let the tea steep for a full 10-15 minutes. Squeeze the bag to get out all the last bits of goodness, and add a bit of honey and lemon if you like. Avoid milk, which tends to trigger gas.these are just the few remedies I have tried and it worked for me.hope it works for you
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Monday, 1 December 2014


While we come across information on how we can have a good night's sleep every now and then, we are seldom aware of how an insufficient sleep can affect our health and well-being.Because of paper works either from work or school and other household obligations, everyday is like a race against time. Add to it the temptations of the computer and the TV shows airing late at night, and the parties and gimmicks. At the end of the day, all the hours that should have gone to a good night's sleep go to all of these, slowly robbing your body off a deserving rest and making you feel drowsy the next day. If you are accustomed to this way of life, be warned. All the bad things you do to your body have their own consequences, and they could be more serious than you thoughtI. The Social And Economic Costs While there are health risks when you get a few hours of sleep each night, we cannot ignore the fact that its dire risks affect the nation's economy. According to a report from the Institute Pf Medicine, an arm of National Academy of Sciences, 50-70 million Americans have chronic sleep problems, with asmany as 30 million suffering from chronic insomnia. The result? Motor vehicle accidents due to tired rivers cost at least $48 billion a year, while fatigue cost $150 billion each year in lost productivity and mishaps.The report, entitled. "Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Disorders: An Unmet Public Health Problem", says that in recent decades, loss of sleep has increased due to TV shows, computers, and longer work days among adults. For those suffering from insomnia, that means more days off work for you. A study led by Virginia Godet-Cayre at the Health Economics Research in France proves that workers who had difficulty falling asleep missed an average of 5.8 days of work a year, compared to only 2.4 days missed by "good sleepers." The team tracked down the work histories of 369 workers who had insomnia and 369 workers who were getting the right amount of sleep. The study, published in the February issue of Sleep, says that 50% of the insomniac group had at least a time of absence over a 2-year period, against to 34% of the other group.
II. Teens And Sleep
These days it's not just the adults who are lacking sleep. The National Sleep Foundation reported that only 20% of adolescents in USA are getting the recommended 9 hours of sleep at night. That figure is alarming, because it shows that millions of them have problems concentrating in classes, are getting late for school, or are sleepy when driving.
III. If You Want To Lose Weight, Don't Just Focus On Your Diet
Want to know a secret? The road to a good figure is not just eating food in low quantity and exercising on a regular basis; it's having a proper lifestyle. I'm not a fitness expert, mind you, but health studies are giving more and more evidence supporting a link between how many hours of sleep you get and your tendency to be obese.A study led by Dr. Steven Heymsfield of Columbia University amd St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York, and James Gangwisch, a Columbia epidemiologist, showed that those who had less that 4 hours of sleep were more likely to be obese by 73%, while those with an average of 5 hours of sleep had 50% greater risk. Those who only had 6 hours had 23% more.The reason? Blame it on grehlin, a substance that makes people want to eat more food. If people don't have the recommended amount of shut-eye, their leptin levels are lowered. Leptin is a blood protein that suppresses their appetite, and seems to affect how their body had eaten enough.So don't think that dieting is the only way for a nice build; include getting sufficient sleep in your regimen from now on.
IV. And More Diseases, Too
If you're already tired of reading about the dire consequences you will face when you don't give yourself the right amount of rest, here are a few more for your information.When your body is deprived of the sleep it needs, your chances of getting coronary heart disease double compared to people who have an adequate amount of sleep.And if you're a male, read on. You'd be interested to know that men who are sleep deprived are risking themselves for an erectile dysfunction. That happens when their testosterone levels drop due to a few hours of sleep, making it more difficult to maintain an erection. For older people aged 53-93, there's a risk of developing diabetes. That's what a study co-authored by Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, an associate professor of medicine at Boston University claimed. Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the findings concluded that elders who slept fewer than 5 hours were 2.5 times more likely to acquire the sweet disease against those who had 6 hours, who had chances 1.7 times lower.But don't think that sleeping too much will solve the problem, though. The study showed that overslept elders - those who had more than 9 hours of sleep - had chances 1.7 times higher.Lastly, sleeplessness causes an individual to have an impaired spatial learning, such as getting to a new destination. This finding, which appeared on the Journal of Neurophysiology, suggested that during the process of spatial learning, new brain cells are being produced in an area of the brain called Hippocampus. Sleep is important in helping these brain cells survive. 
V. Conclusion
We all know that sleep plays a major part in one's overall well-being, and now that we know exactly what we are likely facing when we have lack of it, where do we go from here? It seems that more research is needed in the area of sleep medicine, and public awareness must be raised for everyone to understand that, despite all the obligations, late night TV shows and caffeinated drinks, getting sufficient sleep is really, really important for everyone, young or old. And as for you reading this article, I bet you agree.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Two days ago, I went to bed around 11 pm but unfortunately I tossed and turned restlessly before I eventually went to sleep .  The same thing repeated itself the next day I had trouble sleeping at night. .I decided to take time out the third day to find out what exactly was causing my sleeplessness( insomnia.)I was not worried about any thing obviously it was not anxiety that was causing the insomnia or any form of depression I decided to check what I had eaten in the past two days and the only new thing I had introduced to my system those two days was a 3-in-one coffee sachet drink and a lot of salad in the evening.
When I researched into the relationship between diet and insomnia, I discovered that scientist have found that what we eat directly affects our ability to sleep well .Just a few changes in our diet can make all the difference between a good nights sleep and a bad one .I decided to talk about natural sleep remedies.
Certain foods are known to contain high levels of an  amino acid that causes sleepiness in individuals
called tryptophan. such food can therefore be of great help in combating insomnia.foods that are also rich in calcium and magnesium have also been linked to promoting good sleep. such food include the simple banana .this wonder fruit is packed with potassium and magnesium that are natural muscle relaxants and also contains the sleep inducing  amino acid tryptophan which ultimately turns into  serotonin and melatonin  in the brain. serotonin promotes relaxation while melatonin  promotes sleepiness. Recent studies have shown that people who eat rice, bread ,pasta, and cereal  before bedtime fell asleep faster than those who didn't as these food items are  rich  in sugars which increase the production  of tryptophan. Whole grains and green leafy vegetables that are rich in calcium, folic acid and B vitamins are fantastic foods that promote good sleep. .
Having your meals about three hours before bed is optimum as this amount of time lets your body go into wind down mode and release the sleep promoting hormone melatonin
Most foods to avoid if you want to get a good nights sleep include fatty foods and caffeine containing foods.chocolate and tea should also be avoided at night since they contain the stimulant theobromine that has been shown to disrupt sleep.
In addition, protein-rich foods release amino acids into the blood. When amino acids such as tyrosine flood the body, they are quickly used to synthesize stimulant such as the excitatory neurotransmitters, epinephrine and norepinephrine, and thermogenic thyroid hormones.
Excitatory neurotransmitters keep the brain active and thyroid hormones increase the body’s metabolic rate. Both effects disrupt sleep.
Furthermore, by suddenly increase the amount of amino acids in the body, high-protein foods reduce the amount of tryptophan reaching the brain..
Flooding the body with multiple amino acids reduce the odds of tryptophan crossing the blood-brain barrier. This is because it shares the same transport mechanism with some of the other amino acids.
In conclusion what you eat will determine how you sleep.I hope the few tips above can help you plan your meal such that it will not disrupt your sleep
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Let us be very candid with our selves joint pains  is something you cannot run away from as you grow older some times it could even affect you at a younger age .My  mum was complaining the other day of severe lower waist pain and I decides to do a little research on how to mange joint pains before I get into the remedies .let us talk a little about the various kinds of joint pains and the course of the pain so that we can better understand the natural health remedies that we can use to manage it.
The cause of joint pains  for many people comes in the form of arthritis, or the inflammation of one or more of your joints. There are two main kinds, osteo and rheumatoid, both of which affect the joint in different ways. Osteo arthritis is when the cartilage between bones wears down, until bone grates on bone. Rheumatoid is little less straightforward, being caused by an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of the synovial membrane (a soft tissue that protects joints in the body) and that can lead to bone loss. Whichever you experience, there are natural remedies for arthritis to manage the pain and ease the symptoms .these  remedies include
1. Turmeric & Ginger Tea
Turmeric and ginger are both anti-inflammatories, and will help with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric in particular has gotten a lot of attention lately. Its active ingredient is something called curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant. In addition, it lowers the levels of 2 enzymes responsible for causing inflammation (which is what we’re often fighting with arthritis.) You can take these in a capsule form or make a nice spicy tea to enjoy daily.
You will need…
-2 cups of water
-1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
-1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
-Honey to taste
Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, and add ½ teaspoon each of ground ginger and ground turmeric. Reduce to a simmer and let it be for 10-15 minutes. Strain, add honey to taste, and enjoy twice daily. This yields 2 servings.
2. Epsom salt soak
Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate which sounds kind of scary, but it’s really quite a wonderful substance. A naturally occurring mineral, magnesium sulfate has been used to get relief from pain for years, namely because of its high levels of magnesium (more on magnesium below.)
You will need…
-1/2 cup of Epsom salt
-A large bowl
-Warm water
Fill a large bowl with warm water and add ½ cup of Epsom salt. Stir it around, and then submerge your sore joints in the liquid. If you are experiencing pain in a less convenient place to soak, such as your knees, try taking a bath with Epsom salts. Run a tub full of warm water and add 2 cups of Epsom salt. Soak for 15 minutes (at least.)
3. Get more magnesium (seriously.)
Magnesium is something our bodies need, but we can’t make it ourselves. It is used in over 300 different biomechanical responses in our body. It relaxes all our muscles and nerve endings, relieving stiffness and pain. It is even part of what makes our heart beat. Not only does it relax muscles and ease pain (this goes for arthritis pain too, of course) it helps bones to mineralize. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted one of many studies on magnesium that showed people who had a diet high in magnesium/took supplements had higher bone density, and overall stronger bones. There are several ways to get more magnesium and utilize it for arthritis in particular.
Supplements: Magnesium capsules are a good thing to add to your day-to-day life, but they work best when used in conjunction with an improved diet. If you are not a capsule person there are some very tasty magnesium supplements you can dissolve  in a glass water and drink.
Diet: Really this is the clincher-as great as supplements are, they can’t do everything. Eat foods that are high in magnesium, which include dark leafy greens (like spinach), nuts, and legumes (beans.)
Oil: There is magnesium oil that can be applied topically and absorbed through the skin. Try rubbing it on sore joints to relieve pain.
4. Lubricate With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The very consistency of olive oil makes it seem like something that would lubricate your joints and ease arthritis pain, and it turns out, it actually does. A main compound in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) called oleocanthal inhibits inflammatory enzymes COX-1 and COX-2, just like Advil or aspirin does. The study showed that 1 ½ tablespoons is equal to 200-mg of ibuprofen. However, not every oil is created equal. Heat destroys oleocanthal, so it is necessary to use extra virgin olive oil or “cold-pressed.” The ripeness of the olives at the time they were pressed also determines the level of oleocanthal-generally the stronger tasting the oil, the higher the level there is present. It can be taken internally to reap the benefits, but being high in calories consider replacing any fats, such as butter, with it in cooking instead.
You will need…
-2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Rub a bit of olive oil onto your sore joints twice a day, massaging in to each one gently. You can also take 2-3 tablespoons daily, but be sure to give up some other form of fat due to the high calorie count in the oil (rest easy, these are good calories.)
Simple hot and cold treatments can make a world of difference when it comes to arthritis pain. Long, warm showers or baths—especially in the morning—help ease stiffness in your joints. Use an electric blanket or heating pad at night to keep your joints loose and use moist heating pads.
Cold treatments are best for relieving joint pain. Wrap a gel ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables in a towel and apply it to painful joints for quick relief


There is some evidence that suggests that glucosamine alleviates arthritis pain, but the type of glucosamine matters.

“There continues to be a lot of controversy about it. There’s a fair amount of data that glucosamine sulfate is beneficial, but glucosamine hydrochloride is not,” Dr. Altman says. “Almost all of the products that are sold here in the United States are glucosamine hydrochloride. There are no trials demonstrating that glucosamine hydrochloride benefits people with osteoarthritis.”

In the studies that did find benefit for glucosamine sulfate, Dr. Altman says, patients took 1,500 milligrams once a day, which resulted in better absorption in the body than splitting the dose. The GNLD full motion is also a good source of glucosamine.
Do you have any other ways of handling joint pains naturally, please drop your coments and let us know.
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Monday, 10 November 2014


All around the globe, there are still a great portion of the population who believe in the efficacy of natural constipation treatments. This is despite the existence of over-the-counter and prescribed medications
Constipation can be a great nuisance especially if you are someone who pays importance to time. Just imagine if you have to attend a conference or an appointment with a client, how would you handle the trouble YOUR stomach is giving you? Surely, nobody dreams of this experience.
The problem with being constipated is that you wouldn�t really know what might have caused it. So far, people often point at TWO things whenever constipation symptoms attack them. These TWO are stress and foods that cause constipation. 
However, for chronic constipation, doctors may point to other causes. Severe constipation could be a result of a gastric problem that you are not aware of. 
If you have this problem, you should not wait too much time before giving YOURdoctor a visit. But for normal cases, you can consider some of the recommended natural constipation treatments. 
With the existing natural remedies for constipation, it is almost impossible that you will not find one that can give you continuous constipation relief. Moreover, with the various references that we have now, it is very unlikely that you�ll have hard time looking for cures for constipation. 
As you search for a treatment, do not forget to START from your home. That is because every family knows a natural cure for something that others may not be aware of. Ask your mom or grandparents if they can suggest you anything before looking for solutions somewhere else. 
For some of the widely used natural constipation treatments, you may refer to books and the internet. Moreover, you may seek advice from your doctor, an alternative doctor or even your friends and other people that you know. 
Surely, if you will ask them what to do for constipation, you�ll come up with multiple remedies for bloating and bowel movement problems. 
On the other hand, while you are on the process of searching for natural constipation remedies, HERE are some alternative solutions that you can follow. These are inexpensive and simple processes that will keep you away from abdominal pains due to constipation. 
Above anything else, make sure that you have enough fluid in your body. For that, you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Aside from water, you can also enjoy prune juice to cure your bowel problem.A glass of warm lemon water before you sleep at night works wonderfully well in helping you empty your bowels in the morning 
Moreover, stuff your body with food that is rich in fiber. This will help you improve your digestion.
 Having an apple an hour after eating will stabilize your digestion. Papayas and guavas with their seeds are two more fruits that you can enjoy to stop your constipation problem. 
A tablespoon of your homemade coconut oil after your warm lemon drink last thing at night also plays a fantastic role in helping you empty your bowels the next day.
A simple enema treatment using a mixture of warm water and fluid squeezed from the common saint leaf  also does wonders for constipation.
If after using this natural remedies your constipation persist please consult your doctor
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Friday, 7 November 2014


One of the staff in the hospital where I work came into my office the other day to ask if I was interested in buying snails I was of course  interested but when she told me that only 12 pieces of the snail was going for 2500 naira (about $15)I started calculating that 2500 naira  can buy me two and half kilos of goat meat that I can use to make two pots of soup.But when I remembered the health benefits of snail as against meat, I decided to buy it.I want to share with you, the health benefits of snail so that you can start making snail part of your diet if not every day , at least twice a week.
In Africa, snail meat has generally been a major source of protein in the diet
The edible portion is said to contain about 88.37% protein which contains all essential amino acids needed  for normal metabolic activities it also contains ,calcium ,magnesium, zinc, iron and very low fat content.In addition, there are claims that snail meat has medicinal values and can be used to treat ailments like whooping cough ,anemia and high blood pressure due to its relatively low cholesterol level, high mineral content and high potassium content.
In general, iron from animal sources are absorbed more readily than iron from vegetables and cereals which makes snail meat an excellent source of iron in the body and can also play a role in combating iron deficiency anemia.It is therefore advisable that women of childbearing age,pregnant women and teenage girls who are really in need of iron should incorporate snails as part of their routine diet.
Zinc supplementation helps in the optimal healing of burns,surgical incisions and reduction of child mortality.this observation is probably the reason for the use of snail by traditional  people in healing amputated fingers when adequately consumed as part of the meal.
Consumption of 100g of snail meat in diet can alone provide the daily requirements of zinc in adults
Snails are also a great source of the valuable  lectin,   possesses anti-cancer properties and helps in boosting the immune system and fighting against cancerous cells .The snail slime is extremely rich in  allantonin, collagen and elastin , which is beneficial for the treatment of skin diseases and broken bones. The secretions also have a copper peptide, which is regarded as the only source of a substance manufactured for creating creams that are useful in minimizing scars and wounds.Serum secreted by these snails is an excellent source of oligosaccharides that act as a hydrator for the skin. When applied directly on the skin, this serum works wonders for acne, enhances natural glow and protects skin cells from environmental damage.The venom extracted from the ocean snail is highly beneficial for people suffering from addictions, depression and Parkinson’s disease. This substance produces a synthetic version of the toxin that blocks or stimulates receptors, which release chemicals in the brain.In addition, toxins excreted by snails are valuable in stimulating dopamine, found lacking in people with neurological diseases.
Please do not hesitate to drop your comments and let us know of other benefits that you think snail has.
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Friday, 31 October 2014


A relative of mine visited the hospital about two days ago, and later he informed me that his blood pressure was a little bit on the high side and He  wanted to find out from me how he manage it without depending so much on drugs.I gave him a few suggestions which I am going to share with you in this post.Although it causes no symptoms, high blood pressure boosts the risks of leading killers such as heart attack and stroke, as well as aneurysms, cognitive decline, and kidney failure.
f you haven't had yours checked in 2 years, see a doctor. 
While medication can lower blood pressure, it may cause side effects such as leg cramps, dizziness, and insomnia. Fortunately, most people can bring down their blood pressure naturally without medication. and some of that natural ways are listed b
1. Go for power walks
Hypertensive patients who went for fitness walks at a brisk pace lowered pressure by almost 8 mmhg over 6 mmhg. Exercise helps the heart use oxygen more efficiently, so it doesn't need so much power to pump blood. Get a vigorous cardio workout of at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Try increasing speed or distance  each day
.2. Breathe deeply
Slow breathing and meditative practices such as , yoga,  decrease stress hormones, which elevate renin, a kidney enzyme that raises blood pressure. Try 5 minutes in the morning and at night. Inhale deeply and expand your belly. Exhale and release all of your tension
Increase your potassium intake
Loading up on potassium-rich fruits and vegetables is an important part of any blood pressure-lowering process, says Linda Van Horn, PhD, RD, professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medical. Aim for potassium levels of 2,000 to 4,000 mg a day, she says. Top sources of potassium-rich produce include sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, kidney beans, peas, and dried fruits such as prunes and raisins.
. Indulge in dark chocolate
Dark chocolate varieties contain flavanols that make blood vessels more elastic. In a study, 18% of patients who ate it every day saw blood pressure decrease. Have ½ ounce daily (make sure it contains at least 70% cocoa).
Take moderate Alkohol
According to a review of 15 studies, the less you drink, the lower your blood pressure will drop—to a point. A study of women at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, for example, found that light drinking (defined as a quarter to one-half a drink per day for a woman) may actually reduce blood pressure more than no drinks per day. One "drink" is 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of spirits. Other studies have also found that moderate drinking—up to one drink a day for a woman, two for a man—can lower risks of heart disease. "High levels of alcohol are clearly detrimental," says Obarzanek. "But moderate alcohol is protective of the heart. If you are going to drink, drink moderately."
8. Switch to decaf coffee
Scientists have long debated the effects of caffeine on blood pressure. Some studies have shown no effect, but one from Duke University Medical Center found that caffeine consumption of 500 mg—roughly three 8-ounce cups of coffee—increased blood pressure by 4 mmhg, and that effect lasted until bedtime. For reference, 8 ounces of drip coffee contain 100 to 125 mg; the same amount of tea, 50 mg; an equal quantity of cola, about 40 mg. Caffeine can raise blood pressure by tightening blood vessels and by magnifying the effects of stress, says Jim Lane, PhD, associate research professor at Duke and the lead author of the study. "When you're under stress, your heart begins pumping a lot more blood, boosting blood pressure," he says. "And caffeine exaggerates that effect." If you drink a lot of coffee, pour more decaf to protect your heart.
9. Take up tea
Lowering high blood pressure is as easy as 1 to 2 cups of tea: Study participants who sipped 3 cups of a hibiscus tea daily lowered systolic blood pressure by 7 points in 6 weeks on average, say researchers from Tufts University—results on par with many prescription medications. Those who received a placebo drink improved their reading by only 1 point. The phytochemicals in hibiscus are probably responsible for the large reduction in high blood pressure, say the study authors. Many herbal teas contain hibiscus; look for blends that list it near the top of the chart of ingredients—this often indicates a higher concentration per serving.
A study  found for the first time that replacing some of the refined carbohydrates in your diet with foods high in soy or milk protein, such as low-fat dairy, can bring down systolic blood pressure if you have hypertension or prehypertension
 Eat a lot of fish per week
Fatty fish is high in essential omega-3 fats and these fats have been shown to reduce the risk of herpertention and cadiovascular events in multiple studies.  
The many advantages of fish for promoting overall health are hard to argue against, and those with high blood pressure may especially benefit from including more fish in their diet.
Reduce your salt intake
People with hypertension can substantially reduce their blood pressure by reducing their salt intake.The dietary guidelines recommend that people with hypertension limit their intake of salt to less than 1,500 milligrams(about 600milligrams of sodium)a day.We get most of our sodium from processed food so stick with whole food,
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Sunday, 26 October 2014


Unproductive cough is really terrible and embarrassing no body prays to have it but unfortunately one gets affected by it sometimes. I started coughing a few days ago and came across some home remedies that worked for me I shared some in my last posting and I am going to share some more in this posting.
Thyme drink
 Thyme, has been used for centuries, and was even used during one of the most devastating pandemics to take place in human history. The Black Death was a plague that peaked in Europe from 1346-1353. During that time, and in other incidents of the plague thereafter, townspeople would gather to burn large bundles of thyme to ward off the disease, or carry pockets of thyme on them. Indeed, thyme does have anti-microbial properties,  Thyme relaxes the muscles of the trachea and bronchi, and also opens up airways. The result is less coughing, and increased comfort.
You will need…
2 tablespoons dried thyme
-8 ounces of fresh water
-Honey and lemon
Lightly bruise the thyme, e.g. with a mortar and pestle, and then place in a mug. Cover with 8 ounces of boiling water, cover, and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Add half squeezed lemon and honey to taste, and drink the whole thing. Repeat 2-3 times daily as needed. It’s absolutely delightful just before bedtime (unless you aren't a fan of thyme. But drink some anyways.)
You will  need 
ground white pepper and honey
Directions: Get a table spoon full of honey and sprinkle ground white pepper on honey and take.twice a day..
And last but not the least the simple bitter cola.I took one first thing in the morning and another last thing at night
That is a summary of the natural remedies I took for my unproductive cough and fortunately it worked for me after ten days .Hope you can try some of this remedies if you happen to come down with unproductive cough and I also hope it works for you.BUT REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.Please do not forget to drop your comments if you happen to try these remedies.or if you have other natural remedies to share please do.
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I developed a cough 5 days into my malaria treatment  and the cough was terrible in the night, affecting my sleep .You know that kind of cough that comes on suddenly as a reaction to an irritation on your throat.I was not coughing out anything but the actual act and sound of the cough  was very embarrassing.I remember that I was in church and the irritation in my throat started and I could not help the reflex action of coughing.The woman that was sitting next to me in the pews shifted further away from me.I really did not blame her probable I would have done the same thing if I were in her shoes.That is to let you know how irritated people around you get when you cough severally.
I decided to google and find out whatever new thing I could do to calm the cough naturally.First I had to find out if it was a side effect of the co-arinate I had taken and in my search, I discovered that unproductive cough was one of the symptoms of malaria infection ( can also be caused byallergies, dry air, a random tickle at the back of your throat that won’t go away, the aftermath of a cold, being in a dusty environment, etc. etc. For these we turn to demulcents, ingredients that soothe irritated mucous membranes and remove the irritant triggering the cough. Studies conducted in 2004 found that the main ingredients in cough syrup (dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine) have the same effectiveness in treating coughs as a placebo ingredient. Instead of turning to chemical solutions I decided to, try some home remedies instead. They are not only better for you, but they taste a whole lot better than most cough syrup too! here below are some of the remedies I tried
1. A Spoonful of Honey
Studies, such as one conducted at Penn State College of Medicine, have found that honey can work more efficiently to calm a cough than over-the-counter drugs. It is a rich demulcent, with a high viscosity and stickiness that does an incredible job of coating and soothing those irritated mucous membranes. Thanks to an enzyme added by bees when they harvest honey, it also has antibacterial properties as well, which may help shorten how long you have the cough if it is due to bacterial illness
Note: This is an excellent alternative remedy for both kids and adults, but should never be given to children under the age of 2 years due to the risk of botulism.
You will need…
-1 tablespoon of organic, raw, honey
Take 1 tablespoon of honey 1-3 times daily as needed to control coughing. Take immediately before bed if cough is disrupting your sleep. For children, you can adjust the dosing to 1 teaspoon up to one tablespoon.
 Gargle Salt Water
Also a popular remedy for sore throats, salt water can ease the discomfort caused by a cough the same way it helps a sore throat-through osmosis. When the concentration of salt is higher outside of the cells in your mucous membranes, water flows out of the cells to balance everything out. When water leaves the cells, swelling goes down, and discomfort is decreased. If you have a cough that happens to come along with inflamed tissue, this is a good route to take. It can also help dislodge any phlegm that’s hanging out and allow you to expel it easily.
You will need…
-1 teaspoon of salt
-8 ounces of warm water
Stir salt into water until it is thoroughly dissolved. Gargle for 15 seconds, spit, and repeat with the remaining water. Rinse with plain water afterwards.
In my next posting, I will continue with more natural tips for calming an irritating cough.

Friday, 17 October 2014


I woke up October 5th 2014 feeling terrible.All my joints ached and I was having cold chills allover my body .I did not understand the sudden fever or where it was coming from.
Naturally, medicine was not my immediate reaction.I decided to take a lot of fluids and I dipped my face towel in cold water and placed it over my head and forehead.I had some relieve for some hours of the day and up  to the next day .I actually went to work but by midday I felt awful.
My nostrils was blocked with catarrh  and I started developing fever again which by this time I could no longer ignore.
I decided to do a blood test and it turned out to be malaria infection.Thank goodness for that especially in this era of Ebola disease.
My first  reaction was where did I get this mosquito bite from.?then I remembered that a few weeks back I had been in Lagos and I had not requested the hotel staff to fleet the room.
The reason I had to question myself was because I always ensure that I take my bitter kola  every day for over two years now ,I fleet the house every evening,take my lemon water, have a good balanced meal and fruits every day ,never keep my doors or windows open  without the protective net  etc.But despite all that here I am with malaria parasite in my system.Oh well I had to treat it.and believe me when I say that some of the side effects of this malaria drugs are terrible.
My doctor prescribed Co- arinate tabs with paracetamol and decavite plus.I started the treatment on the 8th of October.
I could not sleep in the night ,I was sweaty and oh my mouth tasted terrible as if I had eaten cement
Second day, still felt awful and I really started feeling sorry for people that take malaria tablets every other month.and I wondered how they managed with the side effects a mean even water tasted bitter in my mouth thank God for oranges and tangerine and apples and cucumber that I could take intermittently in place of water.
Third and fourth day, still felt awful.fifth day started feeling better but unfortunately developed a splitting headache and cough that did not allow me to have a good nights rest.
I eventually got better by the ninth day.and I handled the cough naturally.will discuss this in my next posting.
The reason I have given such details is to let you know that you need to exercise patience for some days for the malaria treatment to run its course.and don't be too quick to take another bout of treatment because you may not be feeling better by the fourth day.
I guess I can conclude by saying that even though I am sold out to natural treatment ,I do also take medications when the need arises and even though we may do the right things and eat the right food ,ultimate good health comes from God and therefore we should always thank God for each day of good health He gives us.

Friday, 10 October 2014


All around the globe, there are still a great portion of the population who believe in the efficacy of natural constipation treatments. This is despite the existence of over-the-counter and prescribed medications.

Constipation can be a great nuisance especially if you are someone who pays importance to time. Just imagine if you have to attend a conference or an appointment with a client, how would you handle the trouble your stomach is giving you? Surely, nobody dreams of this experience.

The problem with being constipated is that you wouldn�t really know what might have caused it. So far, people often point at two things whenever constipation symptoms attack them. These two are stress and foods that cause constipation.

However, for chronic constipation, doctors may point to other causes. Severe constipation could be a result of a gastric problem that you are not aware of.

If you have this problem, you should not wait too much time before giving your doctor a visit. But for normal cases, you can consider some of the recommended natural constipation treatments.

With the existing natural remedies for constipation, it is almost impossible that you will not find one that can give you continuous constipation relief. Moreover, with the various references that we have now, it is very unlikely that you�ll have hard time looking for cures for constipation.

As you search for a treatment, do not forget to start from your home. That is because every family knows a natural cure for something that others may not be aware of. Ask your mom or grandparents if they can suggest you anything before looking for solutions somewhere else.

For some of the widely used natural constipation treatments, you may refer to books and the internet. Moreover, you may seek advice from your doctor, an alternative doctor or even your friends and other people that you know.

Surely, if you will ask them what to do for constipation, you�ll come up with multiple remedies for bloating and bowel movement problems.

On the other hand, while you are on the process of searching for natural constipation remedies, here are some alternative solutions that you can follow. These are inexpensive and simple processes that will keep you away from abdominal pains due to constipation.

Above anything else, make sure that you have enough fluid in your body. For that, you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Aside from water, you can also enjoy prune juice to cure your bowel problem.

Moreover, stuff your body with food that is rich in fiber. This will help you improve your digestion. Having an apple an hour after eating will stabilize your digestion. Papayas and guavas with their seeds are two more fruits that you can enjoy to stop your constipation problem.

You can also count on some spices and oils in resolving your obstructed bowel worry. You can grind almond, sunflower, sesame and linseed then mix them with your food.

Natural constipation treatments are great alternative to taking laxatives and avoiding their negative effects. However, seeing a doctor is still the best solution if you are suffering from recurring bloating and pain in the stomach.

About The Author
Do you know how to perform Natural treatments constipation? These are fairly simple procedures that can be done at home. At, you will gain better insights on how to treat constipation trouble. You will be amazed at how easy to do natural treatments and yet they are powerful to ease your pain. Give them a visit at:

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


You will be amazed at the many uses of oxygen.The first thing we all do when we are born is to BREATHE IN AIR. Man may live  5-6 weeks  without food, a few days without water, only a few minutes without air. Our bodies most important nutritional requirement is oxygen. The cells of life in the body cannot be maintained without an abundance of oxygen in the body.
In order to have good blood, we must breathe well. Full deep Breathing in of pure air , fill the lungs with oxygen, purify the blood, sending it  a life -giving current to every part of the body. Good breathing exercises sooths the nerves, stimulates the appetite ,renders digestion more perfect and induces sound refreshing sleep.
when did you last pause in your busy schedule to take in a deep breathe for several minutes. I can bet that most people don't even remember to do that. But its not too late , it is a habit that you can begin today. As a matter of fact. some diseases can be cured through proper deep breathing exercises , for example, the most successful cure for tuberculosis of the lungs requires an unusual large amount of fresh air for the patient day and

night my next post I will discourse how your posture can affect your air intake. BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOOD HEALT IS A CONTINOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.


Sometimes after a long day of work, you often sit back complaining about a terrible headache, don't you? Well, headaches can be nasty and quite a mood spoiler. In worst case scenario, this health problem is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and unbearable pain. The reasons for this headache can vary from person to person. Some of the common causes of a headache are stress, inability to sleep properly, migraine, drinking inadequate amount of water, sinus and the list continues. While most people run to the nearby medicine counter for one of those easy to pop pill as a remedy to get rid of their headaches, we would strongly advise you against it. After all, relying on medication for such a small problem tends to have an adverse impact on the body in the long run.
Here are a few easy to do home remedies that can help you get rid of that nasty headache really fast.
Drink some water
If your headache is being caused by over exposure to the sun during the day, drinking plenty of water can solve your problem. Apart from water, you can also drink plenty of fresh fruit juices to hydrate the body. You can also try some sport drinks because they have plenty of electrolytes that help in hydrating the body faster. As the liquid content in your body increases, the headache will also disappear.
Try some ice!
Believe it or not, there is nothing like a cold ice pack to soothe a pressing headache. If you don't have an ice pack, just wrap a few cubes in a piece of cloth and use it on your head to get rid of the pain. Sometimes you can also use a frozen pack of vegetables to act as an ice pack.
Hot water massage
In case of headaches that occur due to stress, you can also use hot water bag massage on the neck to ease the nerves and therefore get rid of the headache instantly. The heat is guaranteed to ease the nerves and resume the blood flow gradually removing the headache. Even for people suffering from chronic headache, a simple technique is to dip your legs in a bucket full of hot water for a few minutes daily before you go to bed.
Lemon water
For headaches caused due to indigestion, improper eating, etc. drinking a little bit of lemon juice in warm water is an excellent remedy. The unique properties of lemon get rid of the gas in the stomach and therefore eases the headache as well.
Massage your temples with coconut oil and you will get relief during the summer days. Herb oils as lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, almond oil are very efficient in treating headache..
 Compresses with cabbage leaves are often used in migraine treatments. Take some cabbage leaves and crush them. Put the crushed leaves in a cloth and apply the compress on your forehead. Keep the compress on your forehead for a while.and you will definitely notice some relieve.BUT REMEMBER THAT GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.


All articles in this blog are designed solely for educational and information purposes and is not intended to serve as a medical advice .If you have or suspect any health problem please consult your doctor/Health provider.