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In more recent years a growing body of studies are showing that simple lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise are effective remedies in preventing and even curing many common ills .There are many common life conditions that can be managed without medication e.g arthritis .high cholesterol, depression, diabetes , High blood pressure, osteoporosis etc .The decision to use surgery ,drugs or antibiotics must be the last resort. Erroneous eating and drinking habits  result in reduced physical energy and weakens the bodies ability to defend itself against disease.
What then is the perfect diet?
"And God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed ,which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat"Genesis 1:29.
Awareness is increasing that surrounded as we are with increasing toxicity  in our food and environment eating a pure and healthful diet is more important than ever. He who created…


Drugs include the use of over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs. Drugs are expensive both in the outlay of means and the effect it
 produces upon the system. Some drugs do cure ailments but some  if not most ,have terrible side effects that is more uncomfortable or burdensome than the disease it is suppose to cure .Most times they place in the body system seeds which reap a very  bitter harvest .
Those who are always too quick to take drugs endanger their whole body. Frequent medication has done more harm to our world killing more than healing people .
Drug therapy is preventable through simple diet and lifestyle changes .Nearly any infection can develop to the point that the use of antibiotics is a wise course of action. This ,however usually occurs only if the earliest signs of infection are ignored, or if the individuals vitality and immunity are so depressed that the body is no longer capable of healing.
In more recent years ,a growing body of studies are showing that…


Baked food  made with such compounds are poisonous to the entire body  and deplete the body off b -vitamins ,thiamine ,folic acid, and vitamin C.After baking powder or soda has released its carbonic gases ,compounds of what is known as Rochelle salt,s tartaric acids, alum, lime, and ammonia, are left behind in the baked product.
In this our generation where fast foods is the in  thing, one has to be careful on the amount of sausages, meat pies, cakes etc that we consume in a day.never be too busy to get your self a good balanced meal because ultimately what you eat is what you are and the quality of what you take into your body has a direct effect on your immune system
Always try to eat breads raised with yeast or go for unleavened bread .Yeast leavened bread which is two or three days old is more healthful than new bread and bread dried in the oven is one of the most wholesome articles of diet.fried food ,greasy food and some complicated dishes should be avoided as much as possible


Sugar is not a food but a poisonous chemical drug that is possibly as harmful as drugs especially the quantities consumed today.Dr. David Reuben ,author of "Every thing you always wanted to know about nutrition"says that white sugar is a pure chemical extracted from plant sources which actually acts as a thief because it drains your body of precious nutrients.Sugar suppresses the body's only defense against disease -the immune system,causes fermentation and clouds the brain.