Friday, 28 March 2014


Remember my early morning delight? Carrots and apples? I have just finished telling you the numerous benefits of carrot. today I want to tell you the wonderful benefits I get daily when I eat apples .Many of us forget that sometimes the simplest answer are the best
.Better health could be as easy as reaching for the fruit bowl for an apple .The old adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away may be a silly rhyme you heard as a kid, but I have discovered with my many months of taking this fruit that it does keep many doctors away from me .here  is why,
Apples are filled with soluble fiber (5gms) which has been shown to reduce intestinal disorders, hemorrhoids ,and possible some types of cancer it also helps to control insulin levels by releasing sugar slowly into the blood stream. It cleanses and detoxifies which helps eliminate heavy metals  such as lead and mercury .Pectin  in apple helps reduce cholesterol levels by lowering insulin secretion.
 In two studies researchers  found that eating apples lower the risk of respiratory disease .
According to Chinese medicine ,apples strengthen the heart , quench thirst ,lubricates the lungs and also increases body fluids. Apples are packed with vitamin C,A and flavonoids with smaller amounts of phosphorus ,iron and calcium, Apples also act as  a source of potassium which may promote heart health.
Did you also know that in ancient Greece ,when a man proposed to a woman he could toss her an apple and if she decided to catch it, it meant that she accepted the proposal .Can you imagine how important apples are even in marriage proposal!!
Give me one reason why you should not start eating at least one apple a day.As usual REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS NOT AN EVENT BUT A HABIT.

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