Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MEAL SUGGESTIONS(dos and donts)

Eliminate  margarine and all other foods that contain hydrogenated oil .Avoid commercial vegetable oils as these generate destructive free radicals that cause havoc in the body .If you do use vegetable oils ,do not cook with them .Try as much as possible to avoid fried food.The only healthful oils are extra virgin oils.when not available it is always best to eat fats in their natural state like raw nuts ,seed butters, olives ,avocados ,corn etc
Vegetable based meals can include .A whole food starch (Potatoes,sweet potatoes,brown rice ,yams,casava corn, whole grain bread etc)Make sure to prepare a hefty serving of dark green leafy vegetables and other lightly steamed vegetables (whatever is in season).There are also a wide variety of beans and legumes to include.with these ingredients you can also make different stews and soups.
eat this as frequently as possible
Make a big salad from raw vegetables as part of your weekly recipe this should fill at least half of your plate(The salad can include shredded cabbage , lettuce,grated carrots,cucumbers,green peppers, tomatoes,onions etc).Salad dressing can constitute lemon juice,yogurt,olive oil etc.The more colorful the vegetables the better.The color comes from chemicals called antioxidants which are powerful free radical scavengers.Always eat the easiest to digest e.g. salads ending with the denser foods because the first thing that is eaten is the first thing that gets digested. REMEMBER, GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN are links to some beautiful health recipes,,

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