Thursday, 13 March 2014


my early morning delight
It is a popular saying that breakfast should be the most healthiest meal of the day because  of the fact that after a good nights rest, your digestive enzymes will have had enough rest to be able to work on any heavy meal early in the morning.Again if your daily routine work involves exertion of both mental and physical energy,you definitely need good food in the morning.but having said that I want to share my own personal experience.some years back, whenever I do have a heavy breakfast, it made me very lazy and sleepy and most times I could not do the volume of work I would have loved to do.So I personally believe there should be a little clause to that popular saying that depending on your body makeup, eat what feels good with you and at the same time healthy for you.
Today I want to share with you what I call "My morning delight" this is what I have been eating every morning for the past two years.It comprises of acup of lemon drink first followed by 4-6 sticks of carrot and 3 apples.after which I wash it down with a 75cc bottled water,and a second 75cc bottled water which I sip intermittently until midday.You may be wondering why carrot and apple.I will leave that for my next posting where I will tell you the benefits I get from my morning delight.It has not only kept me healthy but smart enough in the mornings to get some volume of work done.BUT AGAIN REMEMBER THAT GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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