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Just came across some other extra benefits of cucumber I did not even know about and I will love to share it with you.
The caffeic acid in cucumber helps to prevent water retention and when applied topically ,helps reduce puffy and swollen eyes.
It also helps to lighten dark circles under the eyes. Cut two slices of cucumber  ,lay down and place one slice on each eye for five to ten minutes ,close eyes as juice from cucumber might irritate them. This action also brightens the eyes and is also beneficial for soothing tired eyes .this is especially beneficial for people that work with and stare at  computers screens for long periods.
Cucumber can also be used as a face mask for oily skin: grate a half cucumber into a bowl and add one teaspoon of rose water apply to the T-zone which is the fore head ,nose and chin. To reduce pores and tighten skin ,apply mixture allover face including under eyes and eyelids .Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a clean towel


In my posting of my 7 days menu I forgot to mention my pre dinner delight .wait for this, my pre-dinner delight is a bowl of sliced cucumber.
cucumber is really not appreciated by a lot of people but I believe by the time you read about all the benefits packed in cucumber, you will become like me and quickly  stock up your fridge with cucumbers. Let me quickly let you into the many benefits of  cucumber .
Cucumber keeps you Hydrated because it is 96% water which is naturally distilled and superior to ordinary water
.All this water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom sweeping waste product out of your system. Cucumber is filled with vitamins A,B and C which are antioxidants that boost your immunity and also fights cancer ,gives you energy and keep you radiant.
 It,.also supplies skin friendly minerals like magnesium ,potassium ,and  silicon ,That's  why cucumber based treatment in spas aids in weight loss.
 All these vitamin and minerals in cucumber makes it a powerful enemy of mus…


In my last posting,  I wrote about my own typical 7 day menu and if you go back to it ,you will discover that I mentioned "sotted vegetables as one of my evening meals .People have called me to explain to them what I meant by that so I have decided to let you have my recipe for making sotted vegetables.
Items needed include
1.Green Vergetables (spinach)
2.Onions(shopped )
4.Extra virgin olive oil.
6.Maggi cube
7.Tomatoes(remove seeds and chop the skin)
Place your stainless steel pot on fire, allow the pot to get hot, then add 2 cooking spoons of extra virgin oil ,allow the oil to be hot ,add your shopped onions and shopped garlic and  allow to simmer for about 2minutes then add the already shopped tomatoes skin. Mix for about a minute, then add your chopped spinach.
 Continue to turn the whole mixture until the spinach is soft but still looking green. Remove from fire and serve with cooked yam, plantain or potatoes .or even boiled rice and stew.


A few  weeks back, I gave an example of a typical one weeks menu from about 70% of households expecially African house holds .today I am going to give you a sneek preview into my own one week menue .

                     Breakfast                         Lunch                 Dinner

Monday      glass lemon water         semovita             boiled potatoe
                    5sticks carrot                  veg. soap             +fish sauce
                    3 apples+1bottle water
Tuesday       Same as above             Garry+ Veg           boiled yam
                                                            soup                    +fish sauce
Wednesday  Same as above            Rice+fish stew    bean cake+veg,salad

Thursday      Same as above           Rice+fish stew     boiled plantain +sotted veg.
                                                           +veg salad

Friday           Same as above          semovita              boiled Potatoe +sotted veg.


Making a food plan is a tried and tested way to turn your habits around .before you go to bed, choose what you will eat for the next day and prepare before hand as much as you can, tell your self that just for this one day you will choose to eat healthfully
.simple keep doing this one day at a time ,refrain from dramatic thoughts of doing this for  good ,think just for today ,after a while you will be amazed at how many days you have finished just" one day at a time"
Plan your meals and shopping list for three to four days or even a week.I normally plan my meals for a week.because I have discovered that this little extra planning saves time and energy
 .cook to last several days and freeze half the quantity
.leave pre-cut fruit and vegetables ready to eat in the fridge and let fruit be  placed on the table in abundance .keep your kitchen well stocked with healthy delicious food options.
When you change from a stimulating diet of fried food, meat eating and fast foods to plan…


Try by all means to educate your minds , enlist your will and buy good wholesome food and the change will be readily made and the demand and cravings for unwholesome food will soon cease.Do not be tempted by having junk food around you .Temporally at least if not permanently, minimize association with friends and family who encourage unhealthy eating .If you know that going out with certain friends or visiting certain family homes makes you to take in junk food ,do not go.,put on the brakes,hold your appetite under strict charge.your gradual process in changing your eating habits should not be weakened or broken down in a single instance.
Many favorite dishes can be altered to become healthy.Keep meals simple ,Have your favorites often.Many people do not mind having their favorites several times in a week as long as its is prepared in several ways that is nutritious and will invite the appetite and also pleasing to the sight because it is also important that we enjoy what we eat.


Some people because they have not yet experienced the endless variety of vegetables fruits and grains, available may recoil at the idea of limiting there diet to mostly plant based food .The seven days menu I gave in my last posting can be greatly improved upon  by addition of more vegetables and plant based food,. What could be easier ;changing what you put in your mouth or leaving a life with fatigue ,pain or even debilitating disease and taking medications that include a long list of unwanted side effects .In the light of the above any gustatory discipline is worthwhile.
Those who may have been eating freely of meat ,sweets, highly seasoned foods, and other processed and refined foods may not find it very easy to translate from that to a plain wholesome and nutritious diet, If that be the case, you should try fasting more until you can begin to enjoy more nutritious diet .The fast will prove to you of greater benefit than medicine for your abused stomach will find that rest which it…


What did you eat yesterday? And what have you been eating from the beginning of the week. This website is all about having a daily healthy eating habit .it is not about eating fruits once in a while or taking plant based meals when we feel like ,it is about a deliberate calculated timed effort to eat right.
So lets have a pip into your daily eating habit. Get a daily eating log book, put or write down what you have been eating morning .afternoon and night for the past 3 to 4 days or if you can remember the last 7 days let it look like this

Morning                  Afternoon                 Night

Monday   Bread/Tea              semovita/egusi          Rice/stew
Tuesday     cornflakes             Rice/plantain/stew   Yam/stew
Wednesday  Bean cakes           Foofoo/okro          Yam porage
Thursday    fried,plantain/egg      Rice/goat sauce      potatoes chips/egg
Friday       Bread/beverage          Spagetti/stew       fried yam/goat sauce
Saturday   Beancakes/costard     Garri/egusi   …