Tuesday, 22 April 2014


A few  weeks back, I gave an example of a typical one weeks menu from about 70% of households expecially African house holds .today I am going to give you a sneek preview into my own one week menue .

                     Breakfast                         Lunch                 Dinner

Monday      glass lemon water         semovita             boiled potatoe
                    5sticks carrot                  veg. soap             +fish sauce
                    3 apples+1bottle water
Tuesday       Same as above             Garry+ Veg           boiled yam
                                                            soup                    +fish sauce
Wednesday  Same as above            Rice+fish stew    bean cake+veg,salad

Thursday      Same as above           Rice+fish stew     boiled plantain +sotted veg.
                                                           +veg salad

Friday           Same as above          semovita              boiled Potatoe +sotted veg.
                                                       +okro soup

Saturday       fruit salad                  Foofoo +             Coconut Rice + veg.salad
                                                       okro soup

Sunday         Fruit salad                Coconut Rice+     Bean cake +custard

As you can see from above , my food menu is not so complicated  but essentially contains  the essential nutrients my body needs. You could copy it and also do some adjustments here and there to suite your taste while still maintaining the basic nutrients. As you can see, contrary to popular opinion that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day, my daily breakfast is the simplest meal of my day and it has worked for me for years. You could improve on it or try it for some time and see if it works for you. BUT NEVER FORGET GOOD HEALTH IS A HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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