Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Fried plantain and egg
What did you eat yesterday? And what have you been eating from the beginning of the week. This website is all about having a daily healthy eating habit .it is not about eating fruits once in a while or taking plant based meals when we feel like ,it is about a deliberate calculated timed effort to eat right.
So lets have a pip into your daily eating habit. Get a daily eating log book, put or write down what you have been eating morning .afternoon and night for the past 3 to 4 days or if you can remember the last 7 days let it look like this

                Morning                  Afternoon                 Night

Monday   Bread/Tea              semovita/egusi          Rice/stew
Tuesday     cornflakes             Rice/plantain/stew   Yam/stew
Wednesday  Bean cakes           Foofoo/okro          Yam porage
Thursday    fried,plantain/egg      Rice/goat sauce      potatoes chips/egg
Friday       Bread/beverage          Spagetti/stew       fried yam/goat sauce
Saturday   Beancakes/costard     Garri/egusi                Rice/stew
Sunday    Fried plantain/egg      Rice/stew                 Yam/stew

What I have just shown above is a very typical one week menu of 70% of many homes and its probable what you have been eating day in day out and from one week to the next. Many will perhaps feel that there is nothing wrong with the food menu above ,but I beg to differ.
A lot of positive changes  can be done to the menu above to make it more plant based  and fruits and vegetables can be added to make it more balanced and nutritious. For some, changing eating habits can be a difficult  process but it is possible if we take it slowly one step at a time.BUT NEVER FORGET GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUSE HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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