Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Try by all means to educate your minds , enlist your will and buy good wholesome food and the change will be readily made and the demand and cravings for unwholesome food will soon cease.Do not be tempted by having junk food around you .Temporally at least if not permanently, minimize association with friends and family who encourage unhealthy eating .If you know that going out with certain friends or visiting certain family homes makes you to take in junk food ,do not go.,put on the brakes,hold your appetite under strict charge.your gradual process in changing your eating habits should not be weakened or broken down in a single instance.
Many favorite dishes can be altered to become healthy.Keep meals simple ,Have your favorites often.Many people do not mind having their favorites several times in a week as long as its is prepared in several ways that is nutritious and will invite the appetite and also pleasing to the sight because it is also important that we enjoy what we eat.
Enlist your families cooperation.Let your children participate in every phase of food preparation, from gardening or grocery shopping  to cutting of vegetables or mixing of dough.Commend and encourage them for making the food.When they have helped prepare the meal,they will be more inclined to like the food.Also whilst in the kitchen actively teach the children about nutrition explaining the reasons for why the families diet is changing.BUT REMEBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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