Sunday, 6 April 2014


Some people because they have not yet experienced the endless variety of vegetables fruits and grains, available may recoil at the idea of limiting there diet to mostly plant based food .The seven days menu I gave in my last posting can be greatly improved upon  by addition of more vegetables and plant based food,. What could be easier ;changing what you put in your mouth or leaving a life with fatigue ,pain or even debilitating disease and taking medications that include a long list of unwanted side effects .In the light of the above any gustatory discipline is worthwhile.
Those who may have been eating freely of meat ,sweets, highly seasoned foods, and other processed and refined foods may not find it very easy to translate from that to a plain wholesome and nutritious diet, If that be the case, you should try fasting more until you can begin to enjoy more nutritious diet .The fast will prove to you of greater benefit than medicine for your abused stomach will find that rest which it has long desired and then your real hunger will be satisfied with a plain diet.
Food should be chosen that will best supply the elements needed for building up the body
It will actually take time for your taste to recover from the abuses which it has received and to gain its natural tone .but perseverance in a self denying course of eating and drinking will soon make plain wholesome food palatable and believe it or not you will eat it with keener relish than what you have been eating before .
This paradox remains that the simpler and more natural your diet is the more pleasurable your eating experience will be.BUT NEVER FORGET GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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