Friday, 25 April 2014


looks quite attractive to eat,dosent it?
In my last posting,  I wrote about my own typical 7 day menu and if you go back to it ,you will discover that I mentioned "sotted vegetables as one of my evening meals .People have called me to explain to them what I meant by that so I have decided to let you have my recipe for making sotted vegetables.
Items needed include
1.Green Vergetables (spinach)
2.Onions(shopped )
4.Extra virgin olive oil.
6.Maggi cube
7.Tomatoes(remove seeds and chop the skin)
Place your stainless steel pot on fire, allow the pot to get hot, then add 2 cooking spoons of extra virgin oil ,allow the oil to be hot ,add your shopped onions and shopped garlic and  allow to simmer for about 2minutes then add the already shopped tomatoes skin. Mix for about a minute, then add your chopped spinach.
 Continue to turn the whole mixture until the spinach is soft but still looking green. Remove from fire and serve with cooked yam, plantain or potatoes .or even boiled rice and stew.
Quite simple to make right? And equally beautiful and appetizing  when you can see from the picture above Why don't you try it this coming week and see,BUT REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS NOT AN EVENT BUT A CONTINUOUS HABIT.

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