Monday, 28 April 2014


In my posting of my 7 days menu I forgot to mention my pre dinner delight .wait for this, my pre-dinner delight is a bowl of sliced cucumber.
cucumber is really not appreciated by a lot of people but I believe by the time you read about all the benefits packed in cucumber, you will become like me and quickly  stock up your fridge with cucumbers. Let me quickly let you into the many benefits of  cucumber .
Cucumber keeps you Hydrated because it is 96% water which is naturally distilled and superior to ordinary water
.All this water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom sweeping waste product out of your system. Cucumber is filled with vitamins A,B and C which are antioxidants that boost your immunity and also fights cancer ,gives you energy and keep you radiant.
 It,.also supplies skin friendly minerals like magnesium ,potassium ,and  silicon ,That's  why cucumber based treatment in spas aids in weight loss.
 All these vitamin and minerals in cucumber makes it a powerful enemy of muscle and joint pain because it counters and dissolves the uric acid that normally causes inflammation at the joints.
Cucumber is good for diabetes because it contains  a hormone  needed by the cells of the pancreas for
producing also contains steroids that help reduce the bad cholesterol .
Alkalinity of the minerals in cucumber effectively helps in regulating the body's  blood PH, neutralizing acidity
The excellent source of silica contributes to the proper construction of connective tissue in our body as in the bones ,muscle ,cartilage ligaments and tendons.
Always choose cucumbers that are dark green in color and firm to the touch .Avoid those that are yellowish or are wrinkled at either ends .Are you beginning to understand why I never miss my pre-dinner bowl of cucumber every day ?BUT NEVER FORGET GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.

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