Monday, 19 May 2014


The preparation of food in the best manner possible is a science .Knowledge in regard to proper food combinations is of great worth .There is a way of combining and preparing food that will make it both wholesome and nourishing .bearing this in mind, it is not proper to mix fruits with vegetables at the same meal..vegetables typically have far more protein ,iron,calcium,antioxidants ,complex B-vitamins and loads of other vitamins and minerals than most fruits so they tend to take longer to digest.. Fruits however tend to have so much acid in it that it literally breaks down and cuts the nutritional value of the vegetables .so you are basically getting a little less nutrients from the vegetables than you would if you were not to mix them.
Fruits and vegetables taken at one meal ,produce acidity of the stomach,then impurity of the blood results and the mind is not clear because the digestion is imperfect.
Fruits are especially recommended as a health giving agency but should not also be eaten immediate  after a full meal of vegetables or other food types because when that happens it causes fermentation in the stomach because you will be basically creating a kind of chemistry experiment in your tummy.
It is better to have fruits at one meal and vegetables at another.or take your fruits hours before your next meal.BUT  REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS  HABIT NOT AN EVENT

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