Thursday, 15 May 2014


They say variety is the spice of life, but it may interest you to know that there should not be many kinds of food in one meal.
Food should be prepared with simplicity yet with a nicety which will invite the appetite.The simpler our diet ,the better our digestion ,assimilation and health will be .Every food requires a different digestive enzyme combination. and mixing too many at one time  causes a disturbance in the stomach and renders the digestion less efficient
Most people hold the misconception that a wide variety of foods is necessary for good health,that is not entirely true because all mixed and complicated foods are injurious to the health of human beings
It is the variety and mixture of meat , vegetables ,fruits ,wine tea, coffee, sweet ,cakes and rich pies  all together at once that ruin the stomach and place human beings in a position where they become invalids.Moreover, the serving of a great variety of  dishes absorbs time ,money and taxing labor without accomplishing much good .It may be fashionable to some people to have half a dozen courses at a meal but the custom is unfortunately ruinous to health.
Try not to have too great a variety of dishes in a single meal  eating about two or three kinds of well combined food is healthy for the body.In my subsequent postings we are going to be talking about proper food combinations.BUT REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS NOT AN EVENT BUT A CONTINUOUS HABIT<meta name="propeller" content="466aa60aa83847dd7acb14bf702f122c">

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