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I developed a little healthy habit of eating one bitter kola after drinking my lemon water and last thing at night before I go to sleep. I started this habit about a year ago and for the past one year I HAVE NOT TREATED MYSELF FOR MALARIA.I did not really know that the bitter kola I was taking has anti- malaria properties until I started reading about the health benefits of  bitter kola and I want to share those benefits with you. Bitter kola whose biological name is "Garcinia kola has been discovered to have some antibiotic properties which could be effective in the treatment of many commonly occurring ailments. Chewing bitter kola relieves cough,
hoarseness, bronchial and   throat troubles .Several studies has discovered bitter kola to be a remedy for dysentery and osteoarthritis and an antidote for poison
Bitter kola has been used for centuries to treat chest colds in traditional medicine .And a study written  by Simon Adekunle of the Ekiti state university in Nigeria shows that bitter kola works on chest colds by dilating the alveola ducts  and sacs in the lungs by improving the strength of the fibers in the lung tissue.Bitter kola's beneficial lung properties are attributed to its high antioxidant content.
Considerable studies found the chemical constituents in bitter kola have antimalarial properties .Traditional healers in the Democratic republic of Congo attributed this to its quinones content.
Further more ,Kolaviron ,the powerful chemical compound found in bitter kola, was reportedly tested on malaria parasite and found to inhibit malaria activity according to Professor Olussegun Ademowo a researcher at the Institute af advanced Medical research and Training ,College of Medicine, University of Ibadan ,South west of Nigeria.There are many other health benefits of this Bitter kola that I will talk about in my next posting .All I can say is that for the past one year this item is ever present in my house and has proofed to be quite useful to me. Why don't you try it.A personal trial might convince you.BUT REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT,


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