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I an going to be writing several post on various practical ways of using soybean .In today's posting, I will be writing on practical steps involved in  making soybean  milk.
Making soybean milk at home is cheaper, healthier ,and easier than you think.The ingredients/equipment needed include:

1 cup or  160g  dry soybean6 to 8 cups of water(1.5-2 liters)salt to tasteSugar to taste (optional)Vanilla,cinnamon,chocolate or flavoring of choice (optional)Strainer or fine sieveMuslin or cheese clothA large pot.blender or food processor METHOD:

Wash and sort soybeans and place in a large bowl,and allow to soak overnight.Change water at least once and if needed ,add more water.Next day,check and be sure that they are soft and can easily be cut through.if not soft enough,rinse thoroughly,and soak longer.Once it is soft enough,grab some beans between your palms and start rubbing them together to remove the shells.continue to do this until the shells are removed from the soybean.Place beans back…


Soya bean, contains poly unsaturated fat which includes linolenic acid or omega 3 fatty acids .The presence of omega 3 fatty acids make it special as soy bean is one of the very few plant sources of this essential fatty acid .omega 3 fatty acid helps to reduce risk of both heart disease and cancer .Substituting saturated fat source with unsaturated fat may help lower cholesterol levels .The natural soya bean Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois says that the oil derived from soya bean ,contains no cholesterol and is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acid including the two essential fatty acids called    linoleic acid and linolenic acid .These two fatty acids are precursors to hormones that regulate smooth muscle contractions  and blood pressure, because your heart is a muscle there is significance in this health benefit .soya bean is a source of insoluble fiber which adds bulk to stools and help waste pass quickly through   the digestive tracts .According to The mayo clin…


Soya bean is hailed as the most protective bean .It could also be called soybean and its a species of legume that have become one of the most widely consumed foods in the world .they are extremely useful for human health and easy to cultivate as well .soya beans  are an extremely important source of protein .when you have enough proteins in your body then your metabolic functioning and overall system will get a major boost .Proteins are the building blocks of cells and blood vessels and basically every essential part of the human body .proteins from soya beans ensure the proper health and regrowth of cells  if they need to be repaired or replaced It is the only vegetable food  that contains all eight essential amino acids and the soya bean can be processed to various soya products namely soy flour ,soy milk etc
The level of antioxidants in soya beans make it generally good for preventing the onset  of  various cancers. Antioxidants seek out and neutralize free radicals which are the …