Tuesday, 9 September 2014


  • Ensure that you first rinse the soybean very well to remove all dirt and dust.
  • Drain the beans thoroughly to remove as much water as possible and please avoid using a paper towel to dry the beans since this can introduce fibers from the towel.
  • You may prepare the beans a day earlier and allow it to stay overnight and dry properly.
  • When you are certain the soybean is dry,roast the soy bean in a popcorn machine or frying pan to make it nice and brown.for which ever method you are using to get it brown,ensure that you stir the beans occasionally .constant stirring keeps the soybeans from roasting unevenly and whether you use a popcorn maker or a frying pan,10-15 minutes completes the roasting may also wish to taste it.Tender tasting beans confirms that the roasting process is complete.
  • Place beans immediately in a blender.A quick transfer from the heat to the blender ensures that the beans will grind to a smooth powder.If beans is allowed to cool before grinding,it makes the soybeans hard. making grinding very difficult.5-8 minutes of grinding time yields smooth soybean powder.
  • Transfer the soybean powder, into an airtight container and store in a dark cool place.
  • Use fresh powder for the next two weeks 
  • You can replace some of the wheat flour in your favorite baked food recipe with soybean powder and increase the protein content of your cookies ,cakes and bread.It can also be used with custard or oats.
  • The soy bean powder could also be added to water to make soymilk.Many individuals use soybean powder in a warm bath for softening of skin.consistent use of soybean powder for some length of time can  improve the appearance of your skin and hair.BUT REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT

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