Friday, 17 October 2014


I woke up October 5th 2014 feeling terrible.All my joints ached and I was having cold chills allover my body .I did not understand the sudden fever or where it was coming from.
Naturally, medicine was not my immediate reaction.I decided to take a lot of fluids and I dipped my face towel in cold water and placed it over my head and forehead.I had some relieve for some hours of the day and up  to the next day .I actually went to work but by midday I felt awful.
My nostrils was blocked with catarrh  and I started developing fever again which by this time I could no longer ignore.
I decided to do a blood test and it turned out to be malaria infection.Thank goodness for that especially in this era of Ebola disease.
My first  reaction was where did I get this mosquito bite from.?then I remembered that a few weeks back I had been in Lagos and I had not requested the hotel staff to fleet the room.
The reason I had to question myself was because I always ensure that I take my bitter kola  every day for over two years now ,I fleet the house every evening,take my lemon water, have a good balanced meal and fruits every day ,never keep my doors or windows open  without the protective net  etc.But despite all that here I am with malaria parasite in my system.Oh well I had to treat it.and believe me when I say that some of the side effects of this malaria drugs are terrible.
My doctor prescribed Co- arinate tabs with paracetamol and decavite plus.I started the treatment on the 8th of October.
I could not sleep in the night ,I was sweaty and oh my mouth tasted terrible as if I had eaten cement
Second day, still felt awful and I really started feeling sorry for people that take malaria tablets every other month.and I wondered how they managed with the side effects a mean even water tasted bitter in my mouth thank God for oranges and tangerine and apples and cucumber that I could take intermittently in place of water.
Third and fourth day, still felt awful.fifth day started feeling better but unfortunately developed a splitting headache and cough that did not allow me to have a good nights rest.
I eventually got better by the ninth day.and I handled the cough naturally.will discuss this in my next posting.
The reason I have given such details is to let you know that you need to exercise patience for some days for the malaria treatment to run its course.and don't be too quick to take another bout of treatment because you may not be feeling better by the fourth day.
I guess I can conclude by saying that even though I am sold out to natural treatment ,I do also take medications when the need arises and even though we may do the right things and eat the right food ,ultimate good health comes from God and therefore we should always thank God for each day of good health He gives us.

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