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Two days ago, I went to bed around 11 pm but unfortunately I tossed and turned restlessly before I eventually went to sleep .  The same thing repeated itself the next day I had trouble sleeping at night. .I decided to take time out the third day to find out what exactly was causing my sleeplessness( insomnia.)I was not worried about any thing obviously it was not anxiety that was causing the insomnia or any form of depression I decided to check what I had eaten in the past two days and the only new thing I had introduced to my system those two days was a 3-in-one coffee sachet drink and a lot of salad in the evening.
When I researched into the relationship between diet and insomnia, I discovered that scientist have found that what we eat directly affects our ability to sleep well .Just a few changes in our diet can make all the difference between a good nights sleep and a bad one .I decided to talk about natural sleep remedies.
Certain foods are known to contain high levels of an  ami…


Let us be very candid with our selves joint pains  is something you cannot run away from as you grow older some times it could even affect you at a younger age .My  mum was complaining the other day of severe lower waist pain and I decides to do a little research on how to mange joint pains before I get into the remedies .let us talk a little about the various kinds of joint pains and the course of the pain so that we can better understand the natural health remedies that we can use to manage it.
The cause of joint pains  for many people comes in the form of arthritis, or the inflammation of one or more of your joints. There are two main kinds, osteo and rheumatoid, both of which affect the joint in different ways. Osteo arthritis is when the cartilage between bones wears down, until bone grates on bone. Rheumatoid is little less straightforward, being caused by an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of the synovial membrane (a soft tissue that protects joints in the body) an…


All around the globe, there are still a great portion of the population who believe in the efficacy of natural constipation treatments. This is despite the existence of over-the-counter and prescribed medications
Constipation can be a great nuisance especially if you are someone who pays importance to time. Just imagine if you have to attend a conference or an appointment with a client, how would you handle the trouble YOUR stomach is giving you? Surely, nobody dreams of this experience.
The problem with being constipated is that you wouldn�t really know what might have caused it. So far, people often point at TWO things whenever constipation symptoms attack them. These TWO are stress and foods that cause constipation. 
However, for chronic constipation, doctors may point to other causes. Severe constipation could be a result of a gastric problem that you are not aware of. 
If you have this problem, you should not wait too much time before giving YOURdoctor a visit. But for normal cases, …


One of the staff in the hospital where I work came into my office the other day to ask if I was interested in buying snails I was of course  interested but when she told me that only 12 pieces of the snail was going for 2500 naira (about $15)I started calculating that 2500 naira  can buy me two and half kilos of goat meat that I can use to make two pots of soup.But when I remembered the health benefits of snail as against meat, I decided to buy it.I want to share with you, the health benefits of snail so that you can start making snail part of your diet if not every day , at least twice a week.
In Africa, snail meat has generally been a major source of protein in the diet
The edible portion is said to contain about 88.37% protein which contains all essential amino acids needed  for normal metabolic activities it also contains ,calcium ,magnesium, zinc, iron and very low fat content.In addition, there are claims that snail meat has medicinal values and can be used to treat ailments lik…