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Zinc metal is an element that is not as popular or should I say not as well known as vitamins D, C OR E or calcium ,magnesium etc. Not many people are aware that a little deficiency of this element in the body can cause a huge defect in our health.Many scientist are of the opinion that Zinc is such an important element needed in the body that even a small deficiency is a disaster probable because it is found in most tissues of the body  and is directly involved in cell division.Zinc while being a powerful antioxidant is also involved in proper endocrine function.
Due to ts involvement in the male and female hormone regulation, zinc element plays  a very important role in male and female fertility.For the women,zinc is involved in the growth process of the eggs and adequate concentrations of zinc allows women to use estrogen and progesterone  properly.these hormones are very important in supporting proper female reproductive health and fertility
For the male reproductive health and fertility,zinc plays a critical roe in maintaining testosterone levels.Since the cells in the male prostrate requires high levels of zinc to work optimally, any reduction in levels of zinc in the male can cause impaired testosterone production which could lead to infertility , prostrate cancer. and low libido.
People know zinc as an immune booster this is because it is directly involved in the T cell function.T cells are cells that boost immune function whenever there is any external viral or bacterial attack on the body.Simple ensuring adequate concentrations of zinc in the body can help to prevent a lot of the common cancers like breast, colon and prostrate cancers.
Zinc also plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health  by maintaining the proper functioning of the epithelial cells and the cardiovascular cells
The hormone insulin which is a vital hormone for glucose regulation  is also dependent on zinc to function properly since it needs to bind to zinc for proper storage in the pancreas and also quick release into the blood stream when glucose is released into the blood stream
Zinc has also been shown to be beneficial in reducing duration and severity of the common cold in healthy individuals when taken within 24 hours of onset of symptoms.
There are so many other benefits of taking zinc supplements but that does not mean that you should start popping zinc tablets any how you like. that is because there is an upper limit to dietary zinc .tolerable upper limits for zinc is 40 mg for males and females over 18 years .Best source of zinc is to frequently eat food rich in zinc and they include oysters, roasted beef, crab,baked beans,lobster,dark chocolate ,lamb and peanuts.In this era of various health disorders, preventive health is the best way to go.So when next you are doing your menu, remember to slot in diets that are rich in zinc.REMEMBER GOOD HEALTH IS A CONTINUOUS HABIT NOT AN EVENT.
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