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Remedies for Fatigue & When You’re Feeling Tired

Our existences are anything but simple, and most of us will find ourselves overworked and exhausted from time to time-or all the time. Fatigue, true fatigue, is much more than feeling overworked and just being sleepy, although it can make you want to curl up in bed and forget the rest of the world. It creeps into everyday life and effects your physical and mental well-being making it very difficult, if not impossible, to get things done.-it is hard for people to understand that horrible exhaustion unless they experience it themselves. To the outside world, you just look lazy when all you want to do is lie in bed.
Fatigue is a difficult thing to manage, as it is such a vague symptom or condition. There’s physical fatigue, emotional fatigue, fatigue as a symptom or as a disease in and of itself. There is a good chance there’s an underlying medical condition causing fatigue, for example depression or low blood sugar, and this must be addressed before you can hope to get rid of the exhaustion. But if you haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause of your fatigue (and of course you’ve had it checked out by a doctor) it can often times be traced back to a number of habits and lifestyles that seem to have a tendency to develop in the modern world. If you find it dogging your footsteps and dragging you down, don’t sink into despair, there are plenty of changes you can make and natural remedies you can utilize to fight the feeling effectively.
1. Get active
We’re awfully quick to assume that if we feel exhausted, we should take a nap. But have you ever noticed that if you lie in bed all day, barring recovery or illness, you feel more sluggish? Your head may feel a bit fuzzy and achy, and you feel like energy was sucked out of your body, instead of replenished. This is because over-resting or sleeping has the exact opposite effect we want it to have, while exercise boosts our energy long-term. If you are feeling fatigued and not moving around much, you may just need a good regular dose of fresh air to rejuvenate your body and mind. As a BONUS, when you do rest, it will feel that much better and be that much more refreshing than if you’d sat around all day and done nothing. It also improves mood, thanks to the endorphins being released, and feeling gloomy is a major contributor to fatigue.
2. Sip Some Potato Water
While a brimming glass of fresh potato water may not sound like the first thing you’d want to relax on a hot summer day with, it’s actually a great home remedy for fatigue. Soaking slices of potato in water makes a potassium rich drink that can help you feel less tired and sluggish, as it replenishes a mineral many people have trouble getting enough of. Like magnesium, the body does not produce potassium-we have to consume it from outside sources. Because our diets these days tend to lean towards being nutrient deficient, it’s no wonder we find ourselves lacking in the potassium department.Potassium doesn’t give you a direct jolt of energy, per say, but along with magnesium (as well as chloride and calcium) it is an electrolyte that is vital for the proper functioning of our cells and the release of energy and the conduction of electricity. Without enough of it, our muscles wouldn’t move properly and our nerve impulses wouldn’t fire right. By ensuring you have healthy levels of potassium, you can get an edge on feeling dull and tired all the time.
You will need…
-1 unpeeled potato
-8 ounces of fresh water
Slice up the potato (there’s no need to peel it- I realize I show them peeled in the photo but I went on auto pilot) and add to a glass of water. Allow it to steep overnight in the fridge, and drink first thing in the morning.
3. Get Some Ginseng
Possibly the “most famous of all Chinese herbs”-that’s a hefty title, considering Chinese HERBAL MEDICINE dates back hundreds of thousands of years and is full of staple herbs and natural ingredients. But Ginseng has a special place in history, although it’s many varieties can make utilizing it a little confusing. Ginseng refers to any one of 11 species of slow-growing perennials in the genus Panax. It is found in North America as well as in Eastern Asia. It is often referred to as an “adaptogenic” herb, which means it helps the body adjust to stress-whether that stress is caused by being in an extreme heat or cold, hunger, or exhaustion/fatigue (just think adaptogens = adapt to stress.) They are thought to help the body in coping with stress by improving the health of the adrenal system, which is the body’s command center when it comes to your hormonal response to stress. Cortisol, the “stress” hormone, can effect if you sleep through the night, and dictate if you can fall back asleep, as it suppresses melatonin, which we need to have a regular sleep/awake cycle. Too much cortisol, and you could be left feeling fatigued and exhausted because your sleep is disrupted. In the morning our cortisol levels are at their peak, and then gradually fall throughout the day, but if they remain too high, this diurnal rhythm will get thrown off, as will the precious sleep that you need to rejuvenate. Having a bit of ginseng may help regulate your cortisol, and help you get the rest you need to function properly.
You will need…
-1 tablespoon of dried ginseng root OR 1 inch of fresh ginseng root
-1 cup of fresh water
-Honey/lemon to taste
Slice up 1 inch of ginseng root into small pieces, or place 1 tablespoon of dried ginseng in a tea ball. Cover with hot water and steep, covered, for 10 minutes. Stir in honey and or lemon to taste and replace your morning coffee. Ginseng must be drank daily to have any effect.
4. Perk-Up With Citrus
I adore citrus in pretty much all its forms. From lemon juice to orange juice and everything in between, it never ceases to come in HANDY for home remedies, and it’s refreshing as all get up. In the case of fatigue, start off your day with a glass of lemon water. The smell of a freshly sliced lemon alone will perk you up instantly, and the hydration will set your day up for success. Lemon water helps a number of conditions-such as preventing constipation-but there’s something about it that just revitalizes a tired body. If you find yourself dragging in the middle of the day, treat yourself to another glass. I couldn’t list off the chemical and molecular components of lemon water that fight fatigue, I can just say anecdotally that I (among many others) find it almost wondrous in regards to keeping up on energy.
Squeeze the half of a freshly sliced lemon/lime into a full glass of water. If it’s winter, make it warm water-if it’s summer, enjoy it chilled! Drink the whole thing, and repeat twice daily (with a mid-day boost if needed.). More Magnesium
I mention magnesium a lot, but it is an important mineral that we really truly suffer a lack of these days. The body does not produce magnesium on its own-it’s up to us (and our diets) to provide this essential nutrient. The problem is, many diets these days suffer from a lack of good wholesome FOOD. It is a cofactor in 300 plus enzyme systems that regulate a wide variety of biochemical reactions. Everything from muscle and nerve function, protein synthesis, and energy production require magnesium. The best way to get the proper amount is to eat the right foods rather than take a supplement. Dark leafy greens, nuts, fish, whole grains, and bananas are all rich in magnesium.
You will need…
-Magnesium rich foods OR a high quality supplement
Include a healthy dosage of magnesium rich foods to your everyday diet, or take a high quality supplement. Adults should take no more than 350 mg/day in the form of supplements-while getting more in terms of diet isn’t necessarily harmful, it’s easier to take too much in the form of concentrated supplements.
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Herbal Muscle Relaxant Pills And Oil To Get Relief From Pain And Discomfort(BY DANIEL WAUGH)


Muscle pain is something that can affect individuals at any part of their life. They can use herbal muscle relaxant remedies like Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil.
A number of factors can contribute towards muscle stiffness in people inclusive of stress and injury. When they are stiff, life will be painful and difficult. Even though, there are muscle relaxants available in our local pharmacies, their safety cannot be ensured and this is why, it is recommended that men and women with muscle related issues can rely on herbal muscle relaxant pills and oil.
There are different herbs that are safe and play a major role towards relaxing muscles and it is important that the patients should be careful about choosing a remedy that is a combination of different herbs that are stated to be ideal for relaxing muscles. The safe remedies called as Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil can provide excellent relaxation to muscles, regardless of the reason behind pain or discomfort.
About Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil:
These two remedies are uniquely formulated herbal muscle support supplements. Not only stiffness and pain associated with muscles, but they can also cure joint stiffness and cramps as well. They are made up of time-tested proven herbal ingredients that will be safe on individuals regardless of their age. The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of the herbal ingredients make these remedies safe for use to cure the inflammation caused due to stiffness in muscles. These herbal muscle relaxant pills and oil can improve the blood flow and they will support healthy cartilage, joint and muscle strength.
Even though, these two herbal remedies have different ingredients, let us get into the details about these:
Rumatone Gold capsules:
Rasna: This is an important herb used for long for rheumatism and related disorders. The ingredient is effective in curing inflammation as well. The leaves of this plant are widely used for medicinal purpose and they are known to have antipyretic, analgesic and laxative properties.
Swarna Bhasma: This forms as an important part in many ayurvedic remedies. This is known to provide the best remedy to different health issues in men and women and it is added in these capsules due to its ability to cure joint diseases and muscular issues.
Moti Pishti: This is something made out of pure pearls and it is known to improve muscle strength and metabolism. It is known to have toning and strengthening properties, thereby forming part of herbal remedies for muscular issues.
Rumatone Gold oil:
Shankhpushpi: With its scientific name as evolvulus alsinoides, this ingredient can improve muscle tone and it is also known for its muscle-relaxing, pain reducing and serotonin-boosting properties to provide the best relief from pain and stiffness related to muscles.
Jyotishmati: This herb can improve entire rejuvenation and it can improve stamina and tolerance in people and it can provide relaxation to muscle sprains.
Saffron: Saffron can relax muscles and joints by curing the fatigue sensation in these areas, thereby providing relief to stiffness and pain.
To concludeComputer Technology Articles, this combination of herbal muscle relaxant pills and oil can provide excellent remedy by curing different issues that contribute towards muscular pains both internally and externally.

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