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Sometimes it's hard to know which foods will make us fit as a fiddle, and that's especially true since a lot of opinions are conflicting. Also, eating nutritious foods doesn't guarantee that you're getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Victoria Boutenko, penned a fascinating book entitled Green for Life. Boutenko searched for the perfect human diet, and made some intriguing discoveries.

She discovered the Chimpanzee Connection. Chimpanzees are genetically the closest relatives of humans, and have DNA that is 99% similar!

So what? Consider that chimpanzees are physically healthier than homo sapiens are. The former also have an extremely robust natural resistance to various diseases that are fatal to humans, such as cancer. The studies revealed that the key to the chimps' fantastic health was their diet. Specifically, there are major variances between the diets of humans and chimps.

In fact, the eating habits of Homo sapiens and chimps is extraordinary different. In a word, the answer is: greens! While humans eat many unhealthy foods, the diet of chimpanzees is very high in leafy green vegetables. Meanwhile, too many humans don't eat enough of them.

Afterwards, she shifted gears and focused her study on greens that are dark and leafy. She discovered that it's a "super food" that's packed with very high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Here are five fascinating facts about dark green veggies:

1. Greens are packed with both amino acids (and AKA protein).

Were you aware that dark leafy green vegetables are an excellent source of protein? Molecules of protein contain a chain of amino acids. When you eat protein that's included in foods such as meat, you're consuming chains of amino acids that have already amassed into a "complex" protein. Meanwhile, when you eat greens that are dark and leafy, you consume a high amount of amino acids. Your body then uses those amino acids to construct complex protein chains.

2. Greens contain a high amount of insoluble fiber

You likely already know that human diets should contain fiber. But fiber can help to expel harmful toxins from your body. Insoluble fiber is especially important, since its structure resembles miniscule sponges. Each of these "sponges" takes in an amount of toxins that is several times higher than the volume of the fiber.

Here are some major advantages of fiber:

It decreases your cholesterol level

It burns unwanted weight and prevents overeating

It prevents and lowers the risk of getting cancer

It prevents and treats diabetes

3. Greens encourage your body's homeostasis

What is homeostasis? It's the physiological process that causes all of the substances in your body to function at levels that promote excellent health.

For your body to reach homeostasis, it requires a large quantity of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. Greens are a wonderful way to consume these substances.

4. Greens are alkaline, and thus promote healthy cells in your body

Otto Warburg won a 1931 Nobel Prize. Warburg discovered what causes cancer. Specifically, a lack of oxygen in the body's cells resulted in weaker cell respiration. The result was fermentation, which itself resulted in acidity (a low pH level). There's a connection between the foods that you eat, and the pH balance in your body. For instance, consider Parmesan cheese (-34) and spinach (+14). Daily eating enough dark green vegetables will make you better equipped to maintain a pH balance that is healthy.

5. Greens contain chlorophyll (a "liquid" form of sun energy).

You may find this interesting: a single molecule of chlorophyll is extremely similar to a single molecule of human blood. Chlorophyll cleans and heals your organs, while simultaneously removing substances that are harmful.

Here are some of the benefits of chlorophyll:


promotes an alkaline body

aids in preventing cancer

promotes a high blood count

battles toxins

benefits vision

helps to heal sores faster

helps varicose veins

Have you had a Green Smoothie? We know that greens are healthy, but eating them daily can be challenging. The solution is to try an easy-to-prepare green smoothie.

Victoria discovered that mixing greens, fruit, and water, created a mouth-watering smoothie that the body can absorb easily. To enjoy the greatest benefits from green smoothies try one right after your workout when your body has the greatest ability to absorb these vital nutrients.

These green smoothies have three primary ingredients: greens, fruits and water. Try using various types of greens and fruits, to maximize the health benefits. You might surprised to learn how delicious a green smoothie can be!

Servings: 1

First, gather these ingredients:

2 cups of a dark, green vegetable

1 cup of strawberries

1 whole banana

1-2 cups of filtered water

Mix the ingredients by using a high-speed blender, until the consistency is smooth.

Nutritional Analysis: A single serving of a green smoothie contains:

199 calories

1 gram of fat

6 grams of protein

10 grams of fiber

47 grams of carbohydrates

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