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Pregnancy and Migraine Attacks by (Jason Mitchell)

The exact causes of migraine are still unknown, the only thing experts are sure about is that brain vessels are its main ‘culprits’. Women tend to suffer from migraines twice as often as men and during pregnancy due to certain hormonal changes happening in the female body the risk of developing migraine is even higher. Although migraine attack is not harmful for the fetus, mothers-to-be do have hard times during such attacks as most popular treatments for migraine cannot be used during pregnancy
Migraine is a chronic functional disorder accompanied by periodic attacks of severe headache. It’s still not known what exactly causes migraine, its etiology is debatable, certain experts believe that migraine is inherited, some medics think that it’s a neurological disorder, whereas others believe it’s a vascular disease. Unfortunately, modern drugs can only relieve its symptoms, but cannot cure this disease. One can find cheap prescription drugs to relieve migraine attacks in online pharmaci…

Gum Disease and Impotence by Jason Mitchell

Recent research has shown that poor oral hygiene may not only damage the overall health of a person, but also result in erectile dysfunction. Though these two conditions often go hand in hand, some researchers remain doubtful. Nevertheless, poor dental hygiene can lead not only to a lost tooth but also a life-threatening condition called sepsis, so it would be wise to take care of your teeth.Whether or not gum disease leads to men’s impotence, the problem is here to stay. So first and foremost, men should not ignore the importance of regular mouth hygiene and dental check-ups.
All men who suffer from erectile disfunction should first ask themselves the following question before they start looking for generic ed drugs. “Am I taking good care of my teeth and gums?” You will be surprised to find out that the latest research have shown that taking good care of your oral cavity on a regular basis has a lot to do with your normal sexual activity.
One recent study suggested that more than ha…