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Energy and Sports Drinks Damage Tooth Enamel • By josephwilliams •

If you are one of our Westend orthodontics patients, we want you to know about
the dangers posed by energy and sports drinks.  While most of us know that sodas
 are bad for us, many do not realize that energy and sports drinks can be just as
These drinks are quite tempting.  When you are feeling tired and just need that
extra boost of energy, it is hard to turn down an energy drink that promises to get
your juice flowing.  And when you are exhausted from working out, wouldn't you
 think that sports drinks are the best option? 
But they aren't, especially if you are concerned about the health of your teeth—
which most of our braces and Invisalign patients in Westend are.  The problem
with these drinks is that they can cause permanent damage to tooth enamel,
increasing your risk for many dental health problems, including cavities. 
A recent study has proven what dentists and orthodontists have long known.  This
 study soaked tooth enamel in 13 different energy and sports drinks for 15 minutes
a day, then soaked it in artificial saliva four times a day over the course of five days.  The researchers discovered that all of the drinks damaged the enamel, but the energy
 drinks damaged it at twice the rate of the sports drinks. 
If you drink these drinks, your best bet is to drop them from your diet and replace them with water; this is our recommendation to all of our Westend orthodontics patients.  If you really need the
 pick-me-up of caffeine, tea will generally be your best option, assuming you do not
load it up with sugar.  However, if you choose not to quit drinking these drinks, there are steps that you must take to protect your teeth.
First, reduce your use of these drinks as much as possible.  Even one drink each
day has the potential to cause a lot of harm, so the less you drink, the better off
you are.  When you do drink them, swish with water and spit the water out, trying
 to remove as much of the residue as possible.  Then, chew a piece of sugar-free
gum.  Avoid brushing for about an hour since the acid in these drinks soften the
enamel, making it easier to damage. 
If you are one of our braces or Invisalign patients in Westend, contact us about
 energy and sports drink alternatives.
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