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Is it possible to get pregnant while menstruating? By Indira IVF •

Quite a lot of people mistakenly believe that sex during menstruation does not cause pregnancy. However, IVF doctors from the top infertility centers and IVF hospitals claim that this  is very far from the truth.
Menstruation, also addressed as periods or menses, is a natural phenomenon that occurs  in woman's life. But what exactly is menstruation? According to experienced  gynecologists and experts from admired Fertility clinics in Delhi, the ovaries in a woman's  body expel an egg every month. This process is called ovulation. Before ovulation, the  uterine wall gets thickened in order to prepare it for fertilization and the consequent  implantation of the egg. If the egg is not fertilized by a sperm within a day or up to  48 hours of ovulation, it is expelled out of the body along with the blood that had  lined the uterine wall. This is when a woman menstruates. 

Menstruation lasts for two to eight days for most women and repeats after a gap of 28 to  32 days. It is believed that sin…