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Get Fast Relief From Clogged Ears With These Easy Home Remedies

Symptoms of a clogged or blocked ear include: Impaired hearing abilityA popping or bubbly sensation in your ear canal when you swallowWindy or turbulent sounds inside your earA physical feeling of blockage or liquid in your earThese symptoms can occur due to a range of reasons. Perhaps the most common is a simple wax buildup, a problem which besets some more than others. Other causes of clogged ears include the closure of your Eustachian tubes, pressure differentials between your inner and outer ear or infection in the ear canal. And of course, there are cold, flu or allergy problems.

Personally, I regularly suffer from clogged ears whenever I swim on a regular basis or head to a beachside resort on vacation. The constant immersion of my ears in water causes me to develop swimmer’s ear. Or, it pushes the wax from my outer ear into my inner ear. This results in a seriously uncomfortable blockage. Sure, I could simply wear a swimming cap or avoid swimming altogether, but that’s not my ide…