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Don’t we all hate dark circles? Dark circles will make you look older and no woman loves that. Make up might help you conceal it. However,we are sure there are several people out there who don’t apply makeup. And for them dark circles can be pretty frustrating.  Every morning when you wake up and you just want to wash your face and head to work, your dark circles constantly annoy. But there is actually nothing that you have to worry about. There are several home remedies that will help you get rid of dark circles. Here are the 5 things that you can pick from your kitchen to get rid of dark circles.
Skin lightening, moisturizing and blemish-clearing, cucumber has everything that is good for the skin and eyes. We are sure you have seen in several movies where women at the salon are shown relaxing with cucumber slices on their eyes. It actually does make you feel refreshed and is quite soothing.  You need to cut cucumber slices and place it on your eyes and keep it for 30 minutes(…

Home remedies to keep pollen and dust allergy at bay

The weather is now pleasant. One is tempted to go out and have fun. But, there is trouble in the wind for those who are sensitive to irritants like dust and pollen. The early unexpected rise in temperature has led to tree pollination - a longer season of sufferings for the allergy prone. For some, it is an annual feature to struggle with this allergy in the ongoing season of dust mites and pollination. If you are a regular patient of seasonal allergies, plan ahead how to deal with it by consulting a doctor. Although dust mites are more active in humid areas, they can be invisibly hidden in fibres of our bedding and carpets. Causes that trigger allergy: Pollen –They are of different types coming from trees, flowers, weeds and grass. Dust – It may have various components. Tiny particles from cockroaches are a common dust constituent, causing dust allergy. Animal dander, hair, fur, urine, saliva or bird’s feathers and droppings can also become entrenched in household dust. Dust mites li…