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People tend to forget that they can reach out for the secrets to make their skin well enhanced. It is simple and easy to welcome fresh face that looks extremely beautiful. It is important to understand that the secrets have been used for centuries through the essential herbs to treat the skin. Good sleep and minimal use of cosmetics will only enhance the appearance. Cosmetics contain lot of chemicals that spoil the skin and make it look artificial. The following home remedies for beautiful skin will make you rethink that it is not that difficult to reach the desired goal. Orange peel extract can be essential with almond oil to make the skin healthy. It is one of the essential home remedies for beautiful skin that can be made by using dried orange peel powder and 1 tablespoon of almond oil. It should be rubbed on the skin to massage it for 10 minutes and washed off with rose water. It is the perfect mask for the skin. Natural aloe vera juice can be consumed in the morning on empty sto…

How to Remove Hair from Face: 5 Effective and Natural Home Remedies By Sushmita Sengupta

Facial hair in women,' the idea we shrug off as a topic too gross to even discuss openly, actually is a pretty natural phenomenon. All women have body and facial hair, but facial hair is usually light coloured and fine in nature. However, for some women, the hair growth is extensive and coarse. This is because of the secretion of higher-than-normal levels of androgens, including testosterone. You must also know that all women produce androgens, but in controlled levels. In some conditions, the secretion surpasses the normal levels, often developing other male characteristics too. When there is excessive hair growth amongst women, the condition is called hirsutism, which could be caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or an adrenal gland disorder like adrenal cancer or tumour.
However, in most of the times, it is not the case of an adrenal disorder that requires calling for a medical intervention or surgery. Excess hair growth can be treated by a handful of natural and effect…