my cough recipe
Idiopathic cough can simple be described as a cough caused by no known bacterial or viral infection and does not respond to antibiotics  or cough syrup .Most times the cause of the cough remains undetermined despite a systematic evaluation and several  laboratory test procedure as recommended  in a number of international guideline .Most of the individuals affected with this kind of cough  are women over 40 years or of pre or post menopausal age
I started noticing this cough about 2 years ago and I noticed that it always occurred about 10 days to my menses .I saw my doctor and he prescribed  some antibiotics and cough syrup I took the full dose and the cough went away but barely a few days after completing the dosage, the cough started again. I did all the necessary  laboratory investigations and all the results came back normal this circle continued for several months until I decided to go the natural way. After praying to God  to grant me wisdom, and insight on what natural treatments I can use, I came up with a recipe that worked like magic I took it for 5 days and the cough was gone. any time the cough wanted to raise its head ,I took my recipe and it went. In recent times I have not even had any cough episode.
So here is my recipe
1. Honey
2.Bitter kola
3.White ground pepper.
Take a table spoonful of the honey and sprinkle a little of the white ground pepper on the spoonful of honey and take it, followed by one bitter kola.
Squeeze half a lemon into your teacup ,fill it up with hot or warm water and drink.
Repeat this process first thing in the morning before food and last thing at night about 2hours after your dinner by the 4th day you should notice a relief from the cough.

Hope this works for you as it has worked for me  drop your comments if it works for you.

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